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CESR-TA measures Fast Ion Instability


A slice of the data taken during the April CesrTA run. Read more...

Cornell Receives $100 Million Grant for Synchrotron


U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) announced Monday that CHESS will receive $100 million in funding from the NSF over the next five years. Read more... | More on the renewal grant...

Past News Items

U.S. Rep. Tom Reed visits Cornell Synchrotron

All 7-cell cavities for the ERL Main-Linac Cryomodule pass vertical tests

Robotics for girls: A grad student's perspective

Prof. Donald Hartill Elected as an American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow

Autodesk donates 3-D software to Cornell

A History of Science: Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source Symposium to celebrate the science of Ken Wilson

World’s Brightest Beams Measured at Cornell's Photoinjector

Revamp Camp connects kids, software engineering

CLASSE releases the design and science of an Energy Recovery Linac (ERL) x-ray light source

Cornell Nb3Sn Program Produces Cavity that Exceeds Previous Limitation

Linear collider gains key insights from Cornell physicists

Toward photocathode engineering

World-record Q0 for a multi-cell cavity of the Cornell ERL

Expo features flyers, hoverers, soarers and wind catchers

2nd Annual Wind Turbine Challenge

Cornell ERL Electron Injector surpasses long-standing record

Women in physics network, mentor at conference

CHESS X-rays help characterize organic transistors

Obama appoints Lepage to National Science Board

Cornell Grad Measures Record High Q Factor

CIPT workshop supports community of teachers with research, resources

Hasan Padamsee wins 2012 Bakish Award

Ensuring arXiv's Future

50-year Theory Validated with Discovery of Higgs Boson

Cornell SRF Graduate Student Receives Poster Award

Cornell Vertical Electro-Polishing of SRF cavities achieves ILC base-line specifications

Cornell makes physics fun at D.C. science expo

Wind turbine challengers 'catch the breeze'

NYC teachers learn hands-on activities to inspire students

Hasan Padamsee receives IEEE Particle Accelerator Science and Technology Award!

Junk Genies Program Helps Middle Schoolers Apply Physics

Cornell ERL Prototype Successes Grow

Cornell-ERL Main-Linac Cavity Reaches Performance Specs in Vertical Test

Resource Fair shows local teachers how Cornell can help

First Cavity for the Cornell-ERL main linac

First two-sided limit on FCNC decay rate of Bs mesons at CDF

NanoDay 2011 at Wilson Lab

The sound of accelerator cavities – liquid helium's curious properties help scientists focus on cavity defects.

Discovery of new source of energy?

IEEE Award for Cornell PhD thesis in SRF

Cornell makes progress on Energy Recovery Linac

New Results in Electron Cloud Physics Research

$109 million NSF award funds X-ray science, research and development for revolutionary new X-ray source

Cornell Summer Science Sampler Program

Fabrication of seven-cell cavities for the international ERL cryomodule collaboration

Clobbering Electron Clouds

CU Physicist to use stimulus funds to study electron beams

The LHC Concludes a Successful First Run

Cornell electron storage ring is test case for International Linear Collider

Cornell University workshop highlights importance of R&D for ILC damping rings

Wilson Synchrotron Laboratory Open House 2009

Cornell ERL09 Workshop

Large time projection chamber prototype is about to start its first test

First Beam through ERL Injector

Expanding Your Horizons gets a spark from LEPP!

Physicist Drell calls for scientists to act more selflessly -- and broadly -- in seeking science funding

Wilson Synchrotron looks ahead to 'big science' and looks back on 40 years of leading accelerator research

Nobel Laureate Steven Weinberg Delivers Messenger Lectures

REU Summer Students Contribute to ILC Damping Ring Studies at Cornell University

ERL Funding

Jim Alexander becomes Director of LEPP

Undergraduate Physics Majors Participate in Cornell's LEPP Summer Research Projects

Physics labs consolidate to form CLASSE and build a new accelerator

Superconducting Cavity Test - June 2006. Cornell Group Achieves Milestone in Superconducting Cavity Test

Performance Record - May 2006. CESR-c Achieves New Performance Record.

Binding Quarks - April 2006. CLEO-c measures the orbit of the down quark when it is bound to a much heavier charm quark.

From Cornell News Service Archives

Fingerprints, flowers and shrimp eyeballs...
"Cornell Researchers take science on the road to NYC Schools"

Particle physics in U.S. is at a crossroads...
"With ILC, it's electrons, so you know to a gnat's eyelash what the energy of the colliding particles is. And that gives you more constraints."

Tigner wins American Physical Society award
July 28, 2005. Tigner wins American Physical Society award for work on missile
defense. By Lauren Gold. ITHACA, NY -- Maury Tigner, professor ... - 6k - Cached

Wilson Synchrotron Laboratory open house
... one of a series of events during the past month sponsored by the Cornell Department
of Physics and Laboratory for Elementary Particle Physics (LEPP), and other ... - 4k - Cached

Cornell News: World Year of Physics
A series of events sponsored by Cornell University's Department of Physics and
Laboratory for Elementary-Particle Physics (LEPP) and other Cornell outreach ... - 5k - Cached

X-ray source prototype
NSF awards Cornell $18 million to develop a new source of X-rays. By Simeon Moss.
In the proposed Energy Recovery Linac facility, electrons ... - 6k - Cached

Cornell News: particle colliders described
Maury Tigner, director of Cornell's Laboratory for Elementary Particle Physics
(LEPP), is playing a major role in CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and the ... - 6k - Cached

Physics First
... presenters at a Cornell conference, called Exploring Physics First, June 30 to July
2 sponsored by Cornell's Laboratory of Elementary Particle Physics (LEPP). ... - 5k - Cached

Physics workshop is July 26
... On July 26 Ahren Sadoff, research professor at the Laboratory for Elementary-Particle
Physics (LEPP) at Cornell, and Lora Hine, education outreach coordinator ... - 5k- Cached

Labs awarded NSF funding
... million over the next five years by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to support
research at the Laboratory for Elementary-Particle Physics (LEPP) and the ... - 7k - Cached

Research spending
... allocations" being made to the synchrotron complex at Wilson Laboratory, which houses
CHESS (Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source), LEPP (Laboratory for ... - 5k - Cached

Atoms for Kids class
... This is an attitude that scientists at Cornell's Laboratory of Elementary Particle
Physics (LEPP) hope to persuade many more children to adopt. ... - 6k - Cached

Physicists meet to discuss collider
... The university's Laboratory of Elementary Particle Physics, or LEPP (previously
the Newman Laboratory of Nuclear Studies), is organizing a national consortium ... - 6k - Cached

Cornell News: Tigner named LNS director
Maury Tigner, accelerator builder and adviser on Chinese science, is named director
of Cornell's particle research lab. - 8k - Cached

Dugan Selected as North American Regional GDE Director
Recently, GDE Director Barry Barish announced the appointment of Gerald Dugan,
professor of physics at Cornell University, as the regional director of the ILC Global Design Effort for North America. 06.03.2005

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