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Outreach at CLASSE

CLASSE provides experiences, to students, educators, and the public, that make science familiar and accessible. Through access to materials, professional development, tours, and online media, we foster excitement while developing understanding and intuitions about science.

Undergraduate Internships

Internships offer an exciting way to discover research interest while gaining real-world marketable skills in a world-class laboratory. Opportunities include: Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU), Summer Engineering and Research for Community College Students (SERCCS), and Summer Undergraduate Research in Science and Engineering (SUnRiSE) for underrepresented students.

Lending Library

The Lending Library provides equipment and training for middle school science and technology (grades 5-8) teachers and high school physics and biology (grades 9-12) teachers. Participants attending Cornell Institute for Science Educator workshops attend presentations given by scientists and conduct take-home laboratory exercises or design experiences designed to meet the time and budgetary constraints of a typical school.


Tours of the Wilson Laboratory are available to undergraduate and graduate student groups, interested professionals, and the public. Highlights include the CESR control room, the synchrotron tunnel, CHESS ops, X-ray hutches, and CBETA, an Energy Recovery Linac prototype.

Media Links

Check out social media to keep up with what's going on. Our Facebook will show you what we're up to, go to YouTube to see our how-to videos and event compilations, Twitter will give you what we're trending on, and Flickr will show you the amazing world of science and at the lab.