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Final Report

Workshop  --- Enabling the Global Accelerator Network

March 21 - 23, 2002

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY


The first of two workshops examining the implications of a Control System for an internationally designed, constructed, and operated frontier accelerator.

(Jointly sponsored by BNL, Cornell and DESY)

There is considerable interest around the world in the subject of remote operation of large accelerator facilities. The “Global Accelerator Network” concept has been put forward as a means for inter-regional collaboration in the operation of internationally constructed and operated frontier accelerator facilities. Two ICFA working groups have studied the concept (reports available: http://www.fnal.gov/directorate/icfa/icfa_tforce_reports.html ). This is the first of two workshops that have been planned to focus on its practical realization. The Cornell workshop will emphasize conceptual and system aspects of the elements of a Global Control System. The Workshop on Remote Operation of Accelerator Facilities, held on September 17–20, 2002 at Shelter Island, New York, will focus on possible experiments in remote control that are now being widely discussed.

Three working groups will review the available experience and technology relevant for remote operation, suggesting alternate approaches and identifying areas where further development or new concepts are needed. The Working Groups are:
  1. Elements of a Global Control System
  2. Tools for Implementing Control Systems
  3. Communication and Community building
The format of the workshop will be approximately half plenary sessions and half working groups.

International Advisory Committee

Alan Astbury TRIUMF
William Barletta LBL
Joel Feltesse Saclay
Steve Holmes FNAL
Shin-ichi Kurokawa KEK
Satoshi Ozaki BNL
John Seeman SLAC
Alexander Skrinsky BINP
M. Spiro Saclay
Maury Tigner CESR
Albrecht Wagner DESY
Horst Wenninger CERN

Program Committee

Deb Agarwol LBL
Paul Avery CLEO/U.Florida
Reinhard Bacher DESY
Roger Bailey CERN
Paul Czarapata FNAL
Hans Frese DESY
John Galambos SNS
John Haggerty BNL
Don Hartill CESR
Ray Helmke Cornell LNS
Steve Herb DESY
Rich Neswold FNAL
Gary Olson SPARC
Steve Peggs BNL
Nan Phinney SLAC
Nobu Toge KEK
Karen White Jlab
Ferdinand Willeke DESY

Workshop Poster

Workshop  --- Enabling the Global Accelerator Network

March 21 - 23, 2002

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

 Information concerning the workshop schedule, registration, accommodations, and working groups can be found by following the links above. For further information, please contact Ray Helmke at  GANWkShp@lns.cornell.edu