CLNS Reports - 1997

CLNS 97/1538
CP Physics at e+e- Colliders
D. Cassel
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CLNS 97/1537, CLEO 97-32
Observation of B+ -> omega K+ and Search for Related B Decay Modes
T. Bergfeld et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.81:272-276,1998
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CLNS 97/1536, CLEO 97-31
Two-Body B Meson Decays to eta and eta' -- Observation of B -> eta'K
B. Behrens et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.80:3710,1998
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CLNS 97/1535
Baryon Chiral Perturbation Theory in Partially Quenched Large-N c QCD
C.K. Chow
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CLNS 97/1533
Improving Measurements of the CKM Phase gamma using Charm Factory Results
A. Soffer
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CLNS 97/1532
Antiproton Sources
G. Dugan
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CLNS 97/1531, CLEO 97-30
Radiative Decay Modes of the D0 Meson
D. Asner et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D58:092001,1998
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CLNS 97/1530, CLEO 97-29
New Limits for Neutrinoless Tau Decays
D. Bliss et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D57:5903-5907,1998
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CLNS 97/1529
Laser Acceleration: A Practical Approach
A. Mikhailichenko
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CLNS 97/1528
Beam Backgrounds at CLEO: Design and Performance of the CESR High Luminosity Interaction Region
S. Henderson
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CLNS 97/1526, CLEO 97-28
Improved Measurement of the Pseudoscalar Decay Constant f{Ds}
M. Chadha et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D58:32002,1998
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CLNS 97/1525
Aspects of Quenched Chiral Perturbation Theory for Matter Fields
C-K. Chow
Published in Phys. Rev.D57:6762-6770,1998
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/9711375
CLNS 97/1524
F-Theory and Linear Sigma Models
T-M. Chiang et al.
Published in Nucl. Phys.B527:531,1998
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-th/9712023
CLNS 97/1523
Large Angle Beamstrahlung as a Beam-Beam Monitoring Tool
G. Bonvicini and J. Welch
Published in Nucl. Instrum. Meth.A418:223,1998
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CLNS 97/1522, CLEO 97-27
Observation of Exclusive Two-Body B Decays to Kaons and Pions
R. Godang et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.80:3456,1998
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CLNS 97/1521
Heavy Quark Decays
P. Drell
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CLNS 97/1520
Excited Baryons Phenomenology from Large- Nc QCD
D. Pirjol and T-M. Yan
Published in Phys. Rev.D57:5434-5443,1998
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/9711201
CLNS 97/1519, CLEO 97-26
Study of Semileptonic Decays of B Mesons to Charmed Baryons
G. Bonvicini et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D57:6604-6608,1998
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/9712008
CLNS 97/1518, CLEO 97-25
Observation of the Radiative Decay D*+ -> D+ gamma
J. Bartelt et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.80:3919-3923,1998
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/9711011
CLNS 97/1517, CLEO 97-24
Measurement of Br(D0 -> K- pi+) using Partial Reconstruction of B -> D*+X l- nu
M. Artuso et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.80:3193-3197,1998
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CLNS 97/1516, CLEO 97-23
Flavor-Specific Inclusive B Decays to Charm
T.E. Coan et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.80:1150-1155,1998
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CLNS 97/1515, CLEO 97-22
Measurement of the Branching Ratios for the Decays of Ds+ -> eta pi+, eta' pi+, eta rho+ , and eta' rho+
C. Jessop et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D58:052002,1998
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CLNS 97/1514, CLEO 97-21
Search for Inclusive b -> sl+l-
S. Glenn et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.80:2289-2293,1998
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/9710003
CLNS 97/1513, CLEO 97-20
Search for the Decay B -> Ds1+(2536)X
M. Bishai et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D57:3847-3853,1998
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/9710023
CLNS 97/1512
Turning Around the Sphaleron Bound: Electroweak Baryogenesis in an Alternative Post-Inflationary Cosmology
M. Joyce and T. Prokopec
Published in Phys. Rev.D57:6022-6049,1998
SPIRES Search - hep-ph/9709320
CLNS 97/1511
Heavy Quark Spectroscopy before the Discovery of Upsilon
K. Gottfried
CLNS 97/1510
Expectation Values of Local Fields in Bulldough-Dodd Model and Integrable Perturbed Conformal Field Theories
S. Lukyanov
Published in Nucl. Phys.B516:652,1998
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CLNS 97/1509
Minimal Models with Integrable Local Defects
A. LeClair et al.
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-th/9708135
CLNS 97/1508
Integrability of Coupled Conformal Field Theories
A. LeClair et al.
Published in Nucl. Phys.B512:523,1998
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-th/9707159
CLNS 97/1507
Negative Coupling Instability and Grandunified Baryogenesis
T. Prokopec
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/9708428
CLNS 97/1506
Quenched and Partially Quenched Chiral Perturbation Theory for Vector and Tensor Mesons
C-K. Chow and S-J. Rey
Published in Nucl. Phys.B528:303,1998
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/9708432
CLNS 97/1504
Grand Unified String Theories
G. Shiu
CLNS 97/1503, CLEO 97-19
Search for Color-Suppressed B Hadronic Decay Processes with CLEO
B. Nemati et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D57:5363-5369,1998
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/9708033
CLNS 97/1502, CLEO 97-18
Measurement of the Branching Fractions of Lambdac+ -> p overlineKn(pi)
M.S. Alam et al
Published in Phys. Rev.D57:4467-4470,1998
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/9709012
CLNS 97/1501, CLEO 97-17
Investigation of Semileptonic B Meson Decay to P-Wave Charm Mesons
A. Anastassov et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.80:4127-4131,1998
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/9708035
CLNS 97/1500
1/Nc Expansion for Excited Baryons
D. Pirjol and T-M. Yan
Published in Phys. Rev.D57:1449,1998
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/9707485
CLNS 97/1499
Integrability in Two-Dimensional Field Theory
M. Ameduri
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CLNS 97/1498
A Review of Three-Family Grand Unified String Models
Z. Kakushadze, G. Shiu, S-H. H Tye, Y. Vtorov-Karevsky
Published in Int. J. Mod. Phys.A13:2551-2598,1998
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CLNS 97/1497, CLEO 97-16
Study of the Decay tau- -> 2 pi- pi+3 pi0 nutau
S. Anderson et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.79:3814-3818,1997
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/9707027
CLNS 97/1496
Observation of the Dynamic Beta Effect at CESR with CLEO
D. Cinabro et al.
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CLNS 97/1495, CLEO 97-15
Search for the Decay tau- -> 4 pi-3 pi+(pi0) nutau
K. Edwards et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D56:5297-5300,1997
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CLNS 97/1493, CLEO 97-14
A Measurement of Total Cross Section for e+e- -> Hadrons at sqrt(s) =10.52 GeV
R. Ammar et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D57:1350,1998
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CLNS 97/1492
S-Duality and Global Symmetries in N=2 Supersymmetric Field Theory
P. Argyres
Published in Adv. Theor. Math. Phys.2:293,1998
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-th/9706095
CLNS 97/1491
4D Chiral N = 1 Type I Vacua with and without D5 -Branes
Z. Kakushadze and G. Shiu
Published in Nucl. Phys.B520:75,1998
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-th/9706051
CLNS 97/1490
Chiral Perturbation Theory for Tensor Mesons
C-K. Chow and S-J. Rey
Published in JHEP05:010,1998
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/9708355
CLNS 97/1489, CLEO 97-13
First Observation of tau -> 3 pi eta nutau and tau -> f1 pi nutau Decays
T. Bergfeld et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.79:2406-2410,1997
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/9706020
CLNS 97/1488
Angular Quantization and Form-Factor in Massive Integrable Models
V. Brazhnikov, S. Lukyanov
Published in Nucl. Phys.B512:616,1998
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CLNS 97/1487
Proceedings of the Mini-Symposium on Photoelectron and Ion Instabilities at PAC 97
J. Rogers and E. Camdzic
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CLNS 97/1486, CLEO 97-12
Measurement of the B -> D l nu Partial Width and Form Factor Parameters
M. Athanas et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.79:2208-2212,1997
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/9705019
CLNS 97/1485, CLEO 97-11
A New Measurement of B -> D* pi Branching Fractions
G. Brandenburg et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.80:2762-2766,1998
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/9706019
CLNS 97/1484, CLEO 97-10
A New Upper Limit on the Decay eta -> e+e-
T. Browder et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D56:5359-5365,1997
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/9706005
CLNS 97/1483
A Chiral N=1 Type I Vacuum in Four Dimensions and Its Heterotic Dual
Z. Kakushadze and G. Shui
Published in Phys. Rev.D56:3686-3697,1997
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-th/9705163
CLNS 97/1482
Dualities in Supersymmetric Field Theories
P. Argyres
Published in Nucl. Phys. Proc. Suppl.61A:149,1998
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-th/9705076
CLNS 97/1481
Inflaton Decay and Heavy Particle Production with Negative Coupling
B. Greene, T. Prokopec, and T. Roos
Published in Phys. Rev.D56:6484-6507,1997
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/9705357
CLNS 97/1480, CLEO 97-9
Determination of the Michel Parameters and the tau Neutrino Helicity in tau Decay
J. Alexander et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D56:5320-5329,1997
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/9705009
CLNS 97/1479, CLEO 97-8
Observation of the Decay Ds+ -> omega pi+
R. Balest et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.79:1436-1440,1997
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/9705006
CLNS 97/1478
Form-Factors of Exponential Fields in the Affine A(1)N-1 Toda Model
S. Lukyanov
Published in Phys. Lett.B408:192-200,1997
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-th/9704213
CLNS 97/1477, CLEO 97-7
Measurements of the Meson-Photon Transition Form Factors of Light Pseudoscalar Mesons at Large Momentum Transfer
J. Gronberg et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D57:33-54,1998
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CLNS 97/1476
Quantum-type Coherence as a Combination of Symmetry and Semantics
Y. Orlov
Postscript - SPIRES Search - quant-ph/9705049
CLNS 97/1475
Redefinitions of Histories by Measurements - An Explanation of "Nonlocality" Observed in EPR-Bohm Experiments
Y. Orlov
Postscript - SPIRES Search - quant-ph/9705048
CLNS 97/1474, CLEO 97-6
Search for the Decays B0 -> D(*)+D(*)-
D. M. Asner et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.79:799-803,1997
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/9704014
CLNS 97/1473, SLAC-PUB-7397
Strong Coupling Electroweak Symmetry Breaking
P. Drell et al.
Postscript (1.1 MB) - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/9704217
CLNS 97/1472
A 1D Model for N-Level Atoms Coupled to an EM Field
Z. Bassi and A. LeClair
SPIRES Search - hep-th/9703212
CLNS 97/1471
Form-Factors of Exponential Operators in the Sine-Gordon Model
S. Lukyanov
Published in Mod. Phys. Lett.A12:2543-2550,1997
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-th/9703190
CLNS 97/1470, CLEO 97-5
First Observation of Inclusive B Decays to the Charmed Strange Baryons Cascadec0 and Cascadec+
B. Barish et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.79:3599-3603,1997
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/9705005
CLNS 97/1469, CLEO 97-4
Search for Neutrinoless tau Decays Involving pi0 or eta Mesons
G. Bonvicini et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.79:1221-1224,1997
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/9704010
CLNS 97/1468
Phenomenology of 3-Family Grand Unified String Models
Z. Kakushadze, G. Shiu and S-H. H. Tye
Published in Phys. Lett.B408:173-182,1997
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/9705202
CLNS 97/1467, CLEO 97-3
Limit on the Two-Photon Production of the Glueball Candidate fJ(2220) at CLEO
R Godang et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.79:3829-3833,1997
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/9703009
CLNS 97/1466
Supernova Shock VIII
H. Bethe
CLNS 97/1465
Expectation Values of Boundary Fields in the Boundary Sine-Gordon Model
V. Fateev, S. Lukyanov, A. Zamolodchikov and A. Zamolodchikov
Published in Phys. Lett.B406:83-88,1997
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-th/9702190
CLNS 97/1464
Couplings in Asymmetric Orbifolds and Grand Unified String Models
Z. Kakushadze, G. Shiu and S-H. H. Tye
Published in Nucl. Phys.B501:547,1997
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-th/9704113
CLNS 97/1463
Radiative Corrections to the Muonium Hyperfine Structure. II. The alpha(Z alpha)2 Correction
M. Nio and T. Kinoshita
Published in Phys. Rev.D55:7267-7290,1997
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/9702218
CLNS 97/1462
Comment on "A New Efficient Method for Calculating Perturbative Energies using Functions which are not Square Integrable": Regularization and Justification
C.K. Au, C.K. Chow and C.S. Chu
Published in J. Phys.A30:4133-4136,1997
Postscript - SPIRES Search - quant-ph/9702004
CLNS 97/1461, CLEO 97-2
Study of the B0 Semileptonic Decay Spectrum at the Upsilon(4S) Resonance
M. Artuso et al.
Published in Phys. Lett.B399:321-328,1997
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/9702007
CLNS 97/1460, CLEO 97-1
Studies of the Cabbibo-Suppressed Decays D+ -> pi0 l+ nu and D+ -> eta e+ nue
J. Bartelt et al.
Published in Phys. Lett.B405:373-378,1997
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/9703013
CLNS 97/1459
The Maxwell-Bloch Theory in Quantum Optics and the Kondo Model
A. LeClair, F. Lesage, S. Lukyanov and H. Saleur
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-th/9701022
CLNS 97/1458
A Classification of 3-Family Grand Unification in String Theory II. The SU(5) and SU(6) Models
Z. Kakushadze and S.H-H. Tye
Published in Phys. Rev.D55:7896-7908,1997
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-th/9701057
CLNS 97/1457
Predictions for s-Wave and p-Wave Heavy Baryons from Sum Rules and Constituent Quark Model (I): Strong Interactions
D. Pirjol and T-M. Yan
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