CLNS Reports - 2000

CLNS 00/1714
A Biased Review of Tau Neutrino Mass Limits
J. Duboscq
Published in Nucl. Phys. Proc. Suppl.98:48-56,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0012045
CLNS 00/1713
Two-Loop Renormalization of Heavy-Light Currents at Order 1/mQ in the Heavy-Quark Expansion
T. Becher and M. Neubert
Published in Nucl. Phys.B611:367-382,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0012183
CLNS 00/1712
Lectures on the Theory of Non-Leptonic B Decays
M. Neubert
SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0012204
CLNS 00/1711
A Brane World Perspective on the COsmological Constant and the Hierarchy Problems
E. Flanagan, N. Jones, H. Stoica, S-H.Henry Tye, I. Wasserman
Published in Phys. Rev.D64:045007,2001
SPIRES Search - hep-th/0012129
CLNS 00/1710
String Webs and the Decay of Supersymmetric Particles
P. Argyres and K. Narayan
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-th/0101139
CLNS 00/1709, CLEO 00-28
Correlated Lambdac+ Lambdac- Production in e+e- Annihilations at sqrt(s) sim 10.5 GeV
A. Bornheim et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D63:112003,2001
Postscript (3.9 MB) - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0101051
CLNS 00/1708, CLEO 00-27
Search for CP Violation in D0 -> KS0 pi0 , D0 -> pi0 pi0 and D0 -> KS0KS0
G. Bonvicini et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D63:071101,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0012054
CLNS 00/1707, JHU-TIPAC-20007
Effects from the charm scale in K+ -> pi+ nu nubar
A. Falk, A. Lewandowski, A. Petrov
Published in Phys. Lett.B505:107-112,2001
SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0012099
CLNS 00/1706
Novel Method of Measuring Electron Positron Colliding Beam Parameters
D. Cinabro, K. Korbiak, R. Ehrlich, S. Henderson and N. Mistry
Postscript - SPIRES Search - physics/0011075
CLNS 00/1705, CLEO 00-26
A Search for Charmless B -> VV Decays
R. Godang et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.88:021802,2002
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0101029
CLNS 00/1704
String Webs from Field Theory
P. Argyres and K. Narayan
Published in JHEP03:047,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-th/0101114
CLNS 00/1703
A Seiberg-Witten Curve for SU(N) with Antisymmetric Matter
P. Argyres, R. Maimon, S. Pelland
CLNS 00/1702, CLEO 00-25
Evidence of New States Decaying into Cascadeprimec pi
S.E.Csorna et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.86:4243-4246,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0012020
CLNS 00/1701, CLEO 00-24
Measurement of the Lambdac+ Lifetime
A.H. Mahmood et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.86:2232-2236,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0011049
CLNS 00/1700, CLEO 00-23, REVISED
Dalitz Analysis of the Decay D0 -> K- pi+ pi0
S. Kopp et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D63:092001,2001
Postscript (5.0 MB) - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0011065
CLNS 00/1699
Transcribing Spacetime Data into Matrices
V. Sahakian
Published in JHEP06:037,2001
SPIRES Search - hep-th/0010237
CLNS 00/1698, CLEO 00-22
Observation of New States Decaying into Lambdac+ pi- pi+
M. Artuso
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.86:4479-4482,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0010080
CLNS 00/1697, CLEO 00-21
Bounds on the CP Asymmetry in b -> s gamma Decays
T.E.Coan et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.86:5661-5665,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0010075
CLNS 00/1696, CLEO 00-20
Search for a Scalar Bottom Quark with Mass 3.5-4.5 GeV/c2
V. Savinov
Published in Phys. Rev.D63:051101,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0010047
CLNS 00/1695, CLEO 00-19
Observation of the Omegac0 Charmed Baryon at CLEO
D. Cronin-Hennessy
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.86:3730-3734,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0010035
CLNS 00/1694
Holographic Cooling of Charged Particles
A. Mikhailichenko
Postscript - SPIRES Search
CLNS 00/1692
First Observation of the Sigmac*+ Charmed Baryon, and New Measurements of the Sigmac0 , Sigmac+ , Sigmac++ , and Omegac0 Charmed Baryons
A. Warburton
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0009040
CLNS 00/1691, CLEO 00-18
Study of chic1 and chic2 Meson Production in B Meson Decays
S. Chen et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D63:031102,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0009044
CLNS 00/1690
Top Quark Production near Threshold at NLC
O. Yakovlev and S. Groote
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0009014
CLNS 00/1689
Spectrum and Decay Matrix Elements of B and D -Mesons in Lattice NRQCD
J. Hein
Published in Nucl. Phys. Proc. Suppl.96:386-393,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0009088
CLNS 00/1688, CLEO 00-17
Study of B -> psi (2S)K and B -> psi (2S)K* (892) Decays
S. Richichi et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D63:031103,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0010036
CLNS 00/1687, CLEO 00-16
Study of tau Decays to Six Pions and Neutrino
A. Anastassov
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.86:4467-4471,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0010025
CLNS 00/1686
Top Quark Mass Definition and t t Production near Threshold at the NLC
O. Yakovlev and S. Groote
Published in Phys. Rev.D63:074012,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0008156
CLNS 00/1685
Applications of QCD Factorization in Hadronic B Decays
M. Neubert
SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0008072
CLNS 00/1684
The Phases of 2D NCOS
V. Sahakian
Published in JHEP09:025,2000
SPIRES Search - hep-th/0008073
CLNS 00/1683, CLEO 00-15
Measurement of B -> Ds(*)+D*(*) Branching Fractions
S. Ahmed et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D62:112003,2000
Postscript (1.7 MB) - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0008015
CLNS 00/1682, CLEO 00-14
First Obseravtion of the Decays B0 -> D*-p p pi+ and B0 -> D*-p n
S. Anderson et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.86:2732-2736,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0009011
CLNS 00/1681, CLEO 00-13
First Observation of the Sigmac*+ Baryon and a New Measurement of the Sigmac+ Mass
R. Ammar et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.86:1167-1170,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0007041
CLNS 00/1680, CLEO 00-12
Study of B Decays to Charmonium States B -> etacK and B -> chic0K
K. W. Edwards et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.86:30-34,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0007012
CLNS 00/1679, CLEO 00-11
Search for Decays of B0 Mesons into Pairs of Leptons: B0 -> e+ e- , B0 -> mu+ mu- and B0 -> e+- mu-+
T. Bergfeld et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D62:091102,2000
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0007042
CLNS 00/1678
Scaling and Further Tests of Heavy Meson Decay Constant Determinations from NRQCD
S. Collins, C.T.H. Davies, J. Hein, G.P. Lepage, C.J. Morningstar, J. Shigmemitsu, J. Sloan
Published in Phys. Rev.D63:034505,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-lat/0007016
CLNS 00/1677
Towards a Theory of Hadronic B Decays
M. Neubert
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0006265
CLNS 00/1676
On the Inclusive Determination of |Vub| from the Lepton Invariant Mass Spectrum
M. Neubert
Published in JHEP07:022,2000
Postscript (1.2 MB) - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0006068
CLNS 00/1675
QCD Factorization for Exclusive Non-Leptonic B -Meson Decays: General Arguments and the Case of Heavy-Light Final States
M. Beneke, G. Buchalla, M. Neubert and C.T. Sachrajda
Published in Nucl. Phys.B591:313-418,2000
Postscript (2.0 MB) - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0006124
CLNS 00/1674, CLEO 00-10
A Search for B -> tau nu
T.E. Browder et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.86:2950,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0007057
CLNS 00/1673, CLEO 00-9
Measurements of the Mass, Total Width and Two-Photon Partial Width of the etac Meson
G. Brandenburg et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.85:3095-3099,2000
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0006026
CLNS 00/1672
Cosmology in the Randall-Sundrum Brane World Scenario
H. Stoica, S-H.H. Tye, I. Wasserman
Published in Phys. Lett.B482:205-212,2000
SPIRES Search - hep-th/0004126
CLNS 00/1671, CLEO 00-8
Study of exclusive two-body B0 meson decays to charmonium
P. Avery et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D62:051101,2000
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0004032
CLNS 00/1670, CLEO 00-7
Measurement of the Relative Branching Fraction of Upsilon(4S) to Charged and Neutral B -Meson Pairs
J.P. Alexander et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.86:2737-2741,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0006002
CLNS 00/1669
Physical Limitation on Maximal Gradient in Linear Accelerator
A. Mikhailichenko
Postscript - SPIRES Search
CLNS 00/1668, CLEO 00-6
Precise Measurement of B0 - B0 Mixing Parameters at the Upsilon(4S)
B.H. Behrens et al.
Published in Phys. Lett.B490:36-44,2000
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0005013
CLNS 00/1667, CLEO 00-5
Measurements of Charm Fragmentation into Ds*+ and Ds+ in e+e- Annihilations at sqrt(s)=10.5 GeV
R.A. Briere et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D62:072003,2000
Postscript (1.7 MB) - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0004028
CLNS 00/1666, CLEO 00-4
Resonance structure of tau- -> K- pi+ pi- nutau decays
D. Asner et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D62:072006,2000
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0004002
CLNS 00/1665
Scaling of the B and D Meson Spectrum in Lattice QCD
J. Hein et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D62:074503,2000
Postscript (1.5 MB) - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0003130
CLNS 00/1664, CLEO 00-3
Measurement of B(Lambdac+ -> pK- pi+)
D. Jaffe et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D62:072005,2000
Postscript (3.5 MB) - DVI - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0004001
CLNS 00/1663, CLEO 00-2
Study of the decays B0 -> D(*)+D(*)-
E. Lipeles et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D62:032005,2000
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0002065
CLNS 00/1662
Particle Acceleration in Microstructures Excited by Laser Radiation
A. Mikhailichenko
Postscript (6.4 MB) - SPIRES Search
CLNS 00/1661, CLEO 00-1 (revised May 3, 2000)
Search for CP violation in B+- -> J/psi K+- and B+- -> psi(2S) K+- decays
G. Bonvicini et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.84:5940,2000
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0003004

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