CLNS Reports - 2001

CLNS 01/1774, CLEO 01-27
Determination of the B-bar --> D* l nu-bar Decay Width and |V_cb|
N.E. Adam et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. D67:032001,2003
Postscript (1.6 MB) - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0210040
CLNS 01/1773, CLEO 01-26
Improved Measurement of |Vcb| using barB -> D* l nu Decays
R.A. Briere et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.89:081803,2002
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0203032
CLNS 01/1772, CLEO 01-25
Observation of Exclusive B --> D(*)K*- Decays
R. Mahapatra et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.88:101803,2002
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0112033
CLNS 01/1771
Strings in Ramond-Ramond Backgrounds
V. Sahakian
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-th/0112063
CLNS 01/1770
Comment on 4D Lorentz Invariance Violations in the Brane-World
H. Stoica
Published in JHEP07:060,2002
SPIRES Search - hep-th/0112020
CLNS 01/1769, CLEO 01-24
Further Experimental Studies of Two-Body Radiative Upsilon Decays
G. Masek et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D65:072002,2002
Postscript (1.1 MB) - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0201005
CLNS 01/1768
CLEO Results: B Decays
D. Cassel
Published in Int. J. Mod. Phys.A17:2951-2966,2002
Postscript (1.2 MB) - PDF - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0111041
CLNS 01/1767, CLEO 01-23
Improved Measurement of |Vub| with Inclusive Semileptonic B Decays
A. Bornheim et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.88:231803,2002
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0202019
CLNS 01/1766, CLEO 01-22
Search for CP Violation in tau -> K pi nutau Decays
G. Bonvicini et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.88:111803,2002
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0111095
CLNS 01/1765
CKM Status and Prospects
B. Heltsley
Postscript (2.2 MB) - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0110260
CLNS 01/1764
Specific Luminosity LImit of e+e- Colliding Rings
R. Talman
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CLNS 01/1763, CLEO 01-21
Lifetime Differences, Direct CP Violation and Partial Widths in D0 Meson Decays to K+K- and pi+ pi-
S.E.Csorna et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D65:092001,2002
Postscript (1.0 MB) - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0111024
CLNS 01/1762
Understanding B Meson Branching Fractions
B. Gittelman
Postscript - Figures - SPIRES Search
CLNS 01/1761, CLEO 01-20
Measurement of the Xi+c Lifetime
A.H. Mahmood et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D65:031102,2002
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0110058
CLNS 01/1760
Aspects of QCD Factorization
M. Neubert
Published in AIP Conf. Proc.602:168-179,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0110093
CLNS 01/1759, CLEO 01-19
Measurement of the Masses and Widths of the Sigmac++ and Sigmac0 Charmed Baryons
M. Artuso et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D65:071101,2002
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0110071
CLNS 01/1758
Polarized e- , e+ Production Based on Conversion of Gammas, Obtained from Helical Undulator
A. Mikhailichenko
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CLNS 01/1757
Mass Renormalisation for Improved Staggered Quarks
J. Hein, Q. Mason, G.P. Lepage, H. Trottier
Published in Nucl. Phys. Proc. Suppl.106:236-238,2002
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-lat/0110045
CLNS 01/1756
Isospin Breaking in B -> K* gamma Decays
A. Kagan, M. Neubert
Published in Phys. Lett.B539:227-234,2002
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0110078
CLNS 01/1755, CLEO 01-18
Observation of B0 -> D0 pi0 and B0 -> D*0 pi0
T.E. Coan et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.88:062001,2002
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0110055
CLNS 01/1754
Active Cooling Control of the CLEO Detector using a Hydrocarbon Coolant Farm
A. Warburton et al.
Published in Nucl. Instrum. Meth.A488:451-465,2002
Postscript (1.3 MB) - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0109015
CLNS 01/1753
Comments on Color-Suppressed Hadronic B Decays
M. Neubert and A. Petrov
Published in Phys. Lett.B519:50-56,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0108103
CLNS 01/1752, CLEO 01-17
Hadronic Mass Moments in Inclusive Semileptonic B Meson Decays
D. Cronin-Hennessy
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.87:251808,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0108033
CLNS 01/1751, CLEO 01-16
Branching Fraction and Photon Energy Spectrum for b -> s gamma
S. Chen et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.87:251807,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0108032
CLNS 01/1750
Integrabel Boundary Conditions and Reflection Matrices for the O(N) Nonlinear Sigma Model
M. Moriconi
Published in Nucl. Phys.B619:396-414,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-th/0108039
CLNS 01/1748, CLEO 01-15
Evidence for the Decay D0 -> K+ pi- pi+ pi-
S.A. Dytman et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D64:111101,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0108024
CLNS 01/1747
The Large M Limit of Non-Commutative Open Strings at Strong Coupling
V. Sahakian
Published in Nucl. Phys.B621:62-100,2002
Postscript (1.0 MB) - SPIRES Search - hep-th/0107180
CLNS 01/1746
Hot Little String Correlators: A View from Supergravity
K. Narayan, M. Ranagamani
Published in JHEP08:054,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-th/0107111
CLNS 01/1745
Fast Cooling of Heavy Ions in a Storage Ring
E.Bessonov and A. Mikhailichenko
Postscript - SPIRES Search
CLNS 01/1744, CLEO 01-14
Search for the Decay Upsilon(1S) -> gamma eta'
S. Richichi et al., CLEO Collaboration
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.87:141801,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0107021
CLNS 01/1743
Some Aspects of Brane Inflation
G. Shiu and S-H. Henryy Tye
Published in Phys. Lett.B516:421-430,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-th/0106274
CLNS 01/1742, CLEO 01-28
CLEO-c and CESR-c: A New Frontier of Weak and Strong Interactions
CESR-C Taskforce, CLEO-c Taskforce, and CLEO-c Collaboration
Postscript - PDF (13.3 MB) - Figures - SPIRES Search
CLNS 01/1741, CLEO 01-13
First Measurement of Gamma(D*+) and Precision Measurement of mD*+-mD0
A. Anastassov et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D65:032003,2002
Postscript (15.8 MB) - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0108043
CLNS 01/1740, CLEO 01-12
First Measurement of Gamma(D*+)
S. Ahmed et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.87:251801,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0108013
CLNS 01/1739, CLEO 01-11
Improved Upper Limits on the FCNC Decays B -> K l+ l- and B -> K*(892) l+ l-
S. Anderson et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.87:181803,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0106060
CLNS 01/1738
Probe Brane Dynamics and the Cosmological Constant
E. Flanagan, R. Hill, N. Jones. S-H. H. Tye, I. Wasserman
Published in Phys. Lett.B515:161-169,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-th/0105293
CLNS 01/1737
Improved Determination of |Vub| from Inclusive Semileptonic B -Meson Decays
T. Becher and M. Neubert
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0105217
CLNS 01/1736, CLEO 01-10
Search for the Familon via B+- -> pi+-X0 , B+- -> K+-X0 , and B0 -> KS0X0 Decays
R. Ammar et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.87:271801,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0106038
CLNS 01/1735, CLEO 01-9
First Observation of B0 -> D*0 pi+ pi+ pi- pi- Decays
K. W. Edwards et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D65:012002,2002
Postscript (1.0 MB) - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0105071
CLNS 01/1734
Particle Horizon and Warped Phenomenology
H. Stoica, H. Tye, I. Wasserman
Published in Phys. Lett.B513:251-257,2001
SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0105307
CLNS 01/1733
Note on the Extraction of |Vub| using Radiative B Decays
M. Neubert
Published in Phys. Lett.B513:88-92,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0104280
CLNS 01/1732, CLEO 01-8
Experimental Investigation of the Two-Photon Widths of the chic0 and the chic2 Mesons
B.I. Eisenstein et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.87:061801,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0104042
CLNS 01/1731, CLEO 01-7
Rate Measurement of D0 -> K+ pi- pi0 and Constraints on D0 - overline{D0} Mixing
G. Brandenburg et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.87:071802,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0105002
CLNS 01/1730, CLEO 01-6
Search for CP Violation in tau -> pi pi0 nutau Decay
P. Avery et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D64:092005,2001
Postscript (1.5 MB) - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0104009
CLNS 01/1729, BNL-52627, FERMILAB-PUB-01/058-E, LBNL-47813, SLAC-R-570, UCRL-ID-143810-DR, LC-REV-2001-074-US
Linear Collider Physics Resource Book for Snowmass 2001
T. Abe et al.
CLNS 01/1728
QCD Factorization in B -> pi K , pi pi Deacys and Extraction of Wolfenstein Parameters
M. Beneke, G. Buchalla, M. Neubert, C.T. Sachradjda
Published in Nucl. Phys.B606:245-321,2001
Postscript (3.2 MB) - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0104110
CLNS 01/1727
Low Energy Analysis of pi N -> pi N
T. Becher and H. Leutwyler
Published in JHEP06:017,2001
Postscript (1.1 MB) - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0103263
CLNS 01/1726
Holographic Cooling
A. Mikhailichenko
Postscript - SPIRES Search
CLNS 01/1725
On D0 brane polarization by tidal forces
V. Sahakian
Published in JHEP04:038,2001
SPIRES Search - hep-th/0102200
CLNS 01/1724, CLEO 01-5
First Observation of B -> D(*) rhoprime- , rhoprime- -> omega pi-
J.P. Alexander et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. D64:092001,2001
Postscript (6.1 MB) - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0103021
CLNS 01/1723
Asymptotics of QCD Factorization in Exclusive Hadronic Decays of B Mesons
T. Becher, M. Neubert and B. Pecjak
Published in Nucl. Phys.B619:538-564,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0102219
CLNS 01/1722
Supersymmetry and Strongly Coupled Gauge Theories
P. Argyres
Published in Nucl. Phys. Proc. Suppl.101:175-182,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-th/0102006
CLNS 01/1721
Everyone Makes Mistakes - Including Feynman
T. Kinoshita
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0101197
CLNS 01/1720, CLEO 01-4
Search for the Decay B+ -> D*+K0S
A. Gritsan et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D64:077501,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0105086
CLNS 01/1719, CLEO 01-3
Observation of B -> phi K and B -> phi K*
R.A. Briere et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.86:3718-3721,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0101032
CLNS 01/1718, CLEO 01-2
Search for B0 -> pi0 pi0 Decay
D.M. Asner et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D65:031103,2002
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0103040
CLNS 01/1717, CLEO 01-01
Bounds on the CP Asymmetry in Like-Sign Dileptons from B0 B0 Meson Decays
D.E. Jaffe et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.86:5000-5003,2001
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0101006

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