CLNS Reports - 2002

CLNS 02/1812
A Method for Measuring Emmittance in e+ e- Colliding Beams
D. Cinabro, K. Korbiak, M. Billing, N. Mistry, D. Rice and D. Rubin
Postscript (1.2 MB) - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0212010
CLNS 02/1810, CLEO 02-16
Measurement of Lepton Momentum Moments in the Decay B -> X l nu and Determination of Heavy Quark Expansion Parameters and |Vcb|
A. H. Mahmood et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D67:072001,2003
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CLNS 02/1809
Standard Model Higgs from Higher Dimensional Gauge Fields
C. Csaki et al.
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CLNS 02/1808
Big Corrections from a Little Higgs
C. Csaki, et al.
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CLNS 02/1807
An Improved Brane Anti-Brane Action from Boundary Superstring Field Theory and Multi-Vortex Solutions
N. Jones and S-H. H. Tye
Published in JHEP01:012,2003
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-th/0211180
CLNS 02/1806, CLEO 02-15
First Search for the Flavor Changing Neutral Current Decay D0 -> gamma gamma
T.E. Coan et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.90:101801,2003
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0212045
CLNS 02/1805, CLEO 02-14
Inclusive etaprime Production from the Upsilon(1S)
M. Artuso et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D67:052003,2003
Postscript (1.5 MB) - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0211029
CLNS 02/1804
Revised alpha4 Term of Lepton g - 2 from the Feynman Diagrams Containing an internal Light-by-Light Scattering Subdiagram
T. Kinoshita, M. Nio
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.90:021803,2003
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0210322
CLNS 02/1803
Spector Interactions in Soft-Collinear Effective Theory
R. Hill and M. Neubert
Published in Nucl. Phys.B657:229-256,2003
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0211018
CLNS 02/1802
Flavor-Singlet B-Decay Amplitudes in QCD Factorization
M. Beneke and M. Neubert
Published in Nucl. Phys.B651:225-248,2003
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0210085
CLNS 02/1801
Taste-Changing in Staggered Quarks
Q. Mason et al.
Published in Nucl. Phys. Proc. Suppl.119:446-448,2003
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-lat/0209152
CLNS 02/1800, CLEO 02-13
First Observation of the Exclusive Decays Lambdac+ -> Lambda pi+ pi+ pi- pi0 and Lambdac+ -> Lambda omega pi+
D. Cronin-Hennessy et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D67:012001,2003
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0210048
CLNS 02/1798
Noncommutative Integrable Field Theories in 2d
I. Cabrera-Carnero and M. Moriconi
Published in Nucl. Phys.B673:437-454,2003
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-th/0211193
CLNS 02/1796
Moriond QCD 2002: Theoretical Summary
M. Neubert
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0207357
CLNS 02/1795, CLEO 02-12
Search for Neutrinoless tau Decays Involving the KS0 Meson
S. Chen et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D66:071101,2002
Postscript (2.1 MB) - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0208019
CLNS 02/1794
Two-Body Modes of B Mesons and the CP-b Triangle
M. Neubert
Published in Nucl. Phys. Proc. Suppl.121:259-266,2003
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0207327
CLNS 02/1793, CLEO 02-11
Measurement of Exclusive B Decays to Final States Containing a Charmed Baryon
S.A. Dytman et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D66:091101,2002
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0208006
CLNS 02/1792, CLEO 02-10
Dalitz Analysis of D0 -> KS0 pi+ pi-
H. Muramatsu et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.89:251802,2002
Postscript (1.0 MB) - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0207067
CLNS 02/1791
Subleading Shape Functions and the Determination of |Vub|
M. Neubert
Published in Phys. Lett.B543:269-275,2002
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0207002
CLNS 02/1790
Constraints on Light Bottom Squarks from Radiative B-Meson Decays
t. Becher, S. Braig, M. Neubert, A. Kagan
Published in Phys. Lett.B540:278-288,2002
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0205274
CLNS 02/1789, CLEO 02-9
Observation of B -> KS0 pi+ pi- and Evidence for B -> K*+- pi-+
E. Eckhart, et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.89:251801,2002
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0206024
CLNS 02/1788, CLEO 02-8
Measurement of {calB}(B- -> D0 pi-) and {cal B}(B0 -> D+pi-) and Isospin Analysis of B -> D pi Decays
S. Ahmed et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D66:031101,2002
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0206030
CLNS 02/1787, CLEO 02-7
Correlated Inclusive Lambda Lambda Production in e+e- Annihilations at sqrt(s) sim 10.5 GeV
Z. Metreveli, et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D66:052002,2002
Postscript (4.8 MB) - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0205085
CLNS 02/1786
Cosmic String Production Towards the End of Brane Inflation
S. Sarangi and S-H. Henry Tye
Published in Phys. Lett.B536:185-192,2002
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-th/0204074
CLNS 02/1785, CLEO 02-6
Measurements of Inclusive B -> psi Production
S. Anderson et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.89:282001,2002
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0207059
CLNS 02/1784
A Personal History of CESR and CLEO Updated October 2001
K. Berkelman
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CLNS 02/1783
The M Theory Lift of Two O6 - Planes and Four D6 Branes
P. Argyres et al.
Published in JHEP05:008,2002
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-th/0204127
CLNS 02/1782, CLEO 02-5
Observation of the Decay Omegac0 -> Omega-e+ nue
R. Ammar et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.89:171803,2002
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0207078
CLNS 02/1781, CLEO 02-4
Search for Lepton-Flavor-Violating Decays of B Mesons
K.W. Edwards, et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D65:111102,2002
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0204017
CLNS 02/1780, CLEO 02-3
Anti-Search for the Glueball Candidate f_J(2220) in Two-Photon Interactions
K. Benslama, et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D66:077101,2002
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0204019
CLNS 02/1778
The Effective Lagrangian in the Randall-Sundrum Model and Electroweak Physics
C. Csaki, J. Erlich, J. Terning
Published in Phys. Rev.D66:064021,2002
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0203034
CLNS 02/1777
Higher-Order Corrections to QCD Factorization in B -> pi K, pi pi Decays
M. Neubert and B. Pecjak
Published in JHEP02:028,2002
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0202128
CLNS 02/1776, CLEO 02-2
Measurement of the D+ -> K*0 l+ nul Branching Fraction
G. Brandenburg et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.89:222001,2002
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0203030
CLNS 02/1775, CLEO 02-1
Measurement of the Ratio of Branching Fractions of the Upsilon(4S) to Charged and Neutral B Mesons
S.B. Athar etal.
Published in Phys. Rev.D66:052003,2002
Postscript (2.1 MB) - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0202033

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