CLNS Reports - 2003

CLNS 03/1857, CLEO 03-17
Wess-Zumino Current and the Structure of the Decay tau- -> K-K+ pi- nutau
T.E. Coan et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.92:232001,2004
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0401005
CLNS 03/1856
Exotic States of Matter in Heavy Meson Decays
J. Rosner
Published in Phys. Rev.D69:094014,2004
Postscript - PDF - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0312269
CLNS 03/1855
Recent CLEO CKM Results
K. Ecklund
Presented at Beauty 2003 Conference Proceedings
Published in AIP Conf. Proc.722:3-6,2004
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0312054
CLNS 03/1854
|Vcb|, |Vub| , and HQET at CLEO
K. Ecklund
Presented at EPS 2003 Conference Proceedings
Published in Eur. Phys. J.C33:s210-s212,2004
Postscript (2.3 MB) - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0312053
CLNS 03/1853, CLEO 03-14
Observation of etacprime Production in gamma gamma Fusion at CLEO
D. M. Asner et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.92:142001,2004
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0312058
CLNS 03/1852
Learning gamma from B -> K pi Decays
M. Gronau and J. Rosner
Postscript - PDF - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0311280
CLNS 03/1851
Learning the Weak Phase gamma from B Decays
J. Rosner
Published in AIP Conf. Proc.722:35-41,2004
Postscript - PDF - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0311170
CLNS 03/1848, CLEO 03-13
Search for CP Violation in D0 -> KS0 pi+ pi-
D. Asner et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D70:091101,2004
Postscript (1.5 MB) - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0311033
CLNS 03/1846
WGV Conveners' Report: Charm Inputs for CKM Physics
H. Wittig, A.A. Petrov and D.G. Cassel
Presented at Workshop on the CKM Unitarity Triangle, IPPP Durham, April 2003
Published in ECONFC0304052:WG509,2003
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0310302
CLNS 03/1845
Non-Valence Fock States in Heavy-to-Light Form Factors at Large Recoil
B. Lange
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CLNS 03/1844
CLEO Results on |Vcb| and |Vub|
K. Ecklund
Presented at CIPANP 2003
Published in AIP Conf. Proc.698:432-435,2004
Postscript - PDF - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0309018
CLNS 03/1842
Factorization and Sudakov Resummation in B -> gamma l nu
S. Bosch
Published in Eur. Phys. J.C33:s294-s296,2004
Postscript - PDF - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0308319
CLNS 03/1841
A Mixing-Independent Construction of the Unitarity Triangle
M. Neubert
Published in AIP Conf. Proc.698:427-431,2004
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0308224
CLNS 03/1840, CLEO 03-12
Observation of the Hadronic Transitions chib1,2(2P) -> omega Upsilon(1S)
D. Cronin-Hennessy et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.92:222002,2004
Postscript (1.1 MB) - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0311043
CLNS 03/1839
QMC - Quick Monte Carlo: Simulating the Two-Photon Process and Continuum e+e- Annihilation
K. Berkelman
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CLNS 03/1838
Onium Line Shape Fitting
K. Berkelman
Postscript - SPIRES Search
CLNS 03/1837
Primer on Onium Widths
K. Berkelman
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CLNS 03/1835
QCD Factorization for B -> PP and B -> PV Decays
M. Beneke and M. Neubert
Published in Nucl. Phys.B675:333-415,2003
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0308039
CLNS 03/1834, CLEO 03-11
Measurement of the Decay Rate of Cascadec0 -> pK-K- pi+ Relative to Cascadec0 -> Cascade- pi+
I. Danko et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D69:052004,2004
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0309020
CLNS 03/1832, CLEO 03-10
Cabibbo-Suppressed Decays of D+ -> pi+ pi0 , K+ K0 , K+ pi0
K. Arms et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D69:071102,2004
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0309065
CLNS 03/1830
|Vcb| and |Vub| from CLEO
A. Warburton
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0305080
CLNS 03/1828
High Brightness, High Current Injector Design for the Cornell ERL Prototype
I. Bazarov and C. Sinclair
Presented at PAC2003, Portland, OR, May 12-16
CLNS 03/1827
Very High Voltage Photoemission Electron Guns
C. Sinclair
Presented at PAC2003, Portland, OR, May 12-16
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CLNS 03/1826, CLEO 03-09
Observation of a Narrow resonance of Mass 2.46 GeV/c^2 Decaying to D_s^*+ pi^0 and Confirmation of the D_sJ^* (2317) State
D. Besson, et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D68:032002,2003
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0305100
CLNS 03/1824, CLEO 03-8
Search for Baryons in the Radiative Penguin Decay b -> s gamma
K.W. Edwards, et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D68:011102,2003
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0305005
CLNS 03/1823, CLEO 03-7
Measurement of the Charge Asymmetry in B -> K* (892)+- pi-+
B. Eisenstein, et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. D68:017101,2003
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0304036
CLNS 03/1822
Renormalization-Group Evolution of the B-Meson Light-Cone Distribution Amplitude
B. Lange and M. Neubert
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.91:102001,2003
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0303082
CLNS 03/1821
Measurements of |Vub| and |Vcb| from CLEO
K. Ecklund
Published in Nucl. Phys. Proc. Suppl.120:37-45,2003
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0303001
CLNS 03/1820, CLEO 03-06
Search for B -> p e- nue X Decay Using a Partial Reconstruction Method
N.E. Adam et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D68:012004,2003
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0304015
CLNS 03/1819, CLEO 03-05
Study of the q2 -Dependence of B -> pi l nu and B -> rho(omega) l nu Decay and Extraction of |Vub|
S.B.Athar et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D68:072003,2003
Postscript (2.9 MB) - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0304019
CLNS 03/1818, CLEO 03-04
Branching Fractions of tau Leptons to Three Charged Hadrons
R. A. Briere, et al.
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.90:181802,2003
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0302028
CLNS 03/1816, CLEO 03-3
Measurements of Charmless Hadronic Two-Body B Meson Decays and the Ratio {cal B}(B -> DK)/{cal B}(B -> D pi)
A. Bornheim, et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D68:052002,2003
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0302026
CLNS 03/1815, CLEO 03-2
Study of the Charmless Inclusive B -> eta' X Decay
G. Bonvicini, et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D68:011101,2003
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0303009
CLNS 03/1814
Radiative B Decays: Standard Candles of Flavor Physics
M. Neubert
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ph/0212360
CLNS 03/1813, CLEO 03-1
Measurements of the Branching Fractions and Helicity Amplitudes in B -> D* rho Decays
S.E. Csorna et al.
Published in Phys. Rev.D67:112002,2003
Postscript - SPIRES Search - hep-ex/0301028

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