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A list of links to accelerator physics seminar announcements at many institutions is now available. We encourage additions to the list. (1 October 2004)

The Accessible Webcast Seminars (AWSem) project at Cornell is aimed at making participation in selected seminars possible from anywhere in the world using commonly available hardware and software. To participate as an audience member one needs only (beyond computer and network connection) a web browser supporting frames, a RealMedia (TM) streaming client, and email. Information on setting up webcasts and an archived sample webcast can be found at www.lns.cornell.edu/public/COMP/AWSem/index.html (11 November 2003)

A database of in-progress and planned remote operations and experiments activities will soon be available online. Please send information on remote operations and experiments activities at your lab to Fulvia Pilat . Include if possible: Host lab name, experiment name, time scale for activity, description of activity and objectives, collaborating partners, benefits to be realized, factors which limit full remote control, special requirements for new equipment/software, controls in use, contact names, and status.(9 April 2003 updated 11 November 2003)


To promote collaborative accelerator physics experiments carried out using the evolving techniques of remote operation. It is intended that web based communication and collaborative decision making will be an important part of the effort.

Initial Objectives of the working group:

Establish communication channels between members and other interested parties using network based tools:
  • Web site
  • Email
  • Messaging technology
  • Webcasts and video conferencing

Assemble data on current and planned remote experiments

Identify topics of interest (e.g., software tools, security, protocols for carrying out remote experiments) for general discussion and documentation.

Promote and coordinate future workshops of the two established types:

  • ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshops, subject to the conditions and approval of ICFA
  • ICFA Beam Dynamics Panel Mini-Workshops, an informal format, approved within the group itself.

In addition the group will work to develop webcast and videoconferencing techniques to conduct network based workshops and seminars.

The group will keep the community informed of its activities via the ICFA Beam Dynamics Newsletter.

Working Group Members

Agarwal, Deb LBL
Byrd, John LBL
Cornelis, Karel CERN
Desler, Kai FNAL
Dohan, Donald APS
Erickson, Roger SLAC
Di Pirro, Giampiero INFN
Frese, Hans DESY
Galambos, John SNS
Henderson, Stuart SNS
Hofer, Erik U. Michigan
Logatchov, Pavol BINP
Mau, Bob FNAL
Peggs, Steve BNL
Phinney, Nan SLAC
Pilat, Fulvia BNL
Pugliese, Roberto Elettra
Qin, Qing BEPC
Rehlich, Kay DESY
Rice, David (Chair) Cornell
Satogata, Todd BNL
Spata, Mike JLAB
Wilksen, Tim Cornell
Willeke, Ferdinand DESY
Yamamoto, Noboru KEK
Zisman, Michael LBL

Meeting Notes

  • REAP Working Group Meeting At PAC 2003 Notes (5/14/2003) (pdf) (html)


Michael Forster
Last Update – May 27, 2003