CLEO II Silcon Vertex Detector Octant

SVX Octant

Larger copies of these images in JPEG or GIF format are also available here.

This is an octant of the inner two layers of the CLEO-II Silicon VerteX Detector (SVX). The length of the object shown is about 50 cm, and the typical width is about 3 cm.

The four silicon detectors are visible in the lower right of the photo. The two Layer 1 detectors are facing up, and the two Layer 2 detectors are below, and are shadowed. Strips run across the narrow width of the silicon on the Layer 1 and 2 sides facing up, and are used to measure `z'; on the sides facing down, strips run across the long length of the silicon, and are used to measure `r-phi'.

The objects at either end of the silicon are electronic hybrid microcircuits. Flexible circuits made of Kapton are attached at the ends of the hybrids; these carry signals to and from the hybrids. Four temporary connectors `pressed' on to the Kapton are shown in the upper left of the photo.

A ground braid, electrically attached to the conductive carbon fiber composite, is directly above the Kapton.

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