Wilson Synchrotron Laboratory

Wilson Laboratory
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-8001
607 255-4882
607 255-8062
Street address for Federal Express
Dryden Rd

Wilson Synchrotron Laboratory houses the CESR storage ring and support staff, the CLEO detector and CLEO collaborator offices, the CHESS facility, and the LNS electronics shop. Tours of the facility are available by appointment; call the Wilson Lab office at 607-255-4882 to make arrangements.

This map shows a close-up of Wilson Lab's location on campus:

Additional maps can be viewed on the Cornell University map page

In this aerial view of the Cornell Campus, the Wilson Synchrotron Laboratory is in the lower part of the picture. The location of the CESR storage ring, which is actually in a tunnel 15 meters under Alumni field, is outlined.

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