Research Experience for Undergraduates

REU 2007 Participant/Project Matching

The List of Participants and Matched Projects

Selected for the Cornell LEPP REU:
  1. Ken Soong, Cornell
    Lattice Design for a Very High Brightness x-ray Storage Ring;
    Ivan Bazarov and Richard Talman, CESR

  2. Henry Timmers, Wooster
    X-Ray Free Electron Laser Studies;
    Ivan Bazarov, CESR.

  3. Ronald (Zach) Lamberty, Notre Dame
    Modeling Quantum Fields with Oscillators;
    Maxim Perelstein and Andrew Noble, Theory

  4. Chris Cude-Woods, Indiana
    Diagnostics for Electron Cloud Measurements in CESR;
    Mark Palmer, Jerry Codner and Levi Schachter, CESR and ILC

  5. Pardis Niknejadi, Cal Poly
    Data Acquisition and Control Systems for ILC RF Cavity Tests;
    Bill Ashmanskas, ILC, SRF.

  6. Daniel Carmody, Carnegie Mellon
    Electron Cloud Simulations for CesrTA;
    David Rubin and Levi Schachter, CESR and ILC

  7. Pauli Kehayias, Tufts
    Fast Ion Instability Simulations for CesrTA;
    David Rubin and Mark Palmer, CESR and ILC.

  8. Elizabeth Olhsson, Oregon
    Tuning of ILC Superconducting RF Resonant Cavities;
    Bill Ashmanskas, ILC, SRF.

  9. Mackenzie van Camp, Lawrence
    Modeling the Performance of the Cornell Storage Ring;
    Jim Crittenden, CESR

  10. Jake Bennett, Roanoke
    CLEO Analysis Project;
    Matt Shepherd and Ryan Mitchell, Indiana University and CLEO

  11. Benjamin Schmitt, Rochester
    Modern Control Systems for Accelerators;
    Bruce Dunham and John Dobbins, ERL.

Wayne State University REU/T Participants:
  1. Emmett Windisch
    Xray Optics in a High Heat-Load Environment
    Peter Revesz, CHESS, and Ivan Bazarov, ERL.

  2. Christian Hammill
    Out-gassing Tests and Quantum-efficiency Optimization for the ERL Cathode;
    Yulin Li, ERL.

  3. Brandon Willard
    Dalitz Plot Analysis of D Meson Decays;
    David Cinabro and Giovanni Bonvicini, Wayne State University and CLEO

  4. Courtney Couvreur (RET)
    Glass Capillary X-ray Optics;
    Don Bilderback, CHESS.