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David L. Rubin

Professor of Physics

222 Wilson Lab, 389 PSB
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853
Phone: +1 607 255 8183 (Wilson)
Phone: +1 607 255 3765 (PSB)
Email: David.Rubin@cornell.edu

My research is in the fields of accelerator physics and elementary particle physics . We study the physics of particle beams in high energy storage rings. The laboratory for our experimental program is the Cornell Electron-Positron Storage Ring (CESR). Our investigations are currently focused on the physics of ultra-low emittance beams, important for high energy electron-positron colliders and synchrotron light sources. The study of single particle as well as collective effects are enabled by ongoing development of state of the art instrumentation. Interpretation relies on the theoretical and numerical tools that we create. Our newest NSF funded project is an experiment to demonstrate optical stochastic cooling with an electron beam in CESR. That will require design and installation of a beam bypass delay line, undulators to couple radiation to the beam, and a laser driven optical amplifier. We are also planning a major upgrade of the storage ring optics to allow for significantly smaller equilibrium beam size, on our quest to achieve the quantum limited vertical emittance. In a parallel effort, I am a member the new muon g-2 collaboration to build an experiment to measure the magnetic moment of the muon with 0.14 ppm precision, with results anticipated in the next one to two years. If the discrepancy between theory and measurement already on the books persists in the new experiment, we will have demonstrated that there is indeed physics beyond the standard model. The pulsed injection kicker magnet that is now installed in the g-2 ring at Fermilab was design and built by my group at Cornell. Finally, we just submitted a proposal for a dark matter search using a positron beam extracted from the Wilson Lab synchrotron.

Betatron tunes far from resonance Horizontal tune near 2/3

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