USPAS05: Recirculated and Energy Recovered Linacs

Mirror site at Jefferson Lab

Geoff Krafft, Lia Merminga (Jefferson Lab)
Ivan Bazarov (Cornell University)


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:45-10:15 Outline & Introduction Linear Optics & Twiss Param. Injector: Emission & SPD Optics design & Beam breakup CC5: Beam breakup
10:30-12:00 RF Superconductivity Beam Loading & RF modeling Inj. Dynamics & CC3 Instruct. R&ERLs Performance FELs & E-Ion Collider
14:00-15:00 CC1: Energy Spread in Linac CC2: RF Modeling CC3: Injector Modeling CC4: Long. Gymnastics
15:00-17:00 Previous & Present R&E Accel. SPD-I SPD-II & SR effect Inj. Tech. & CC4-5 Instructions ERL Light Source

Computer Classes

CC1: Energy spread Excel spreadsheet (download)
CC2: RF beam loading (Ex1 Ex2 Ex3 Ex4 Ex5)
CC3: DC gun injector exercise (download) & Instructions
CC4-5: Jlab IRFEL longitudinal gymnastics and BBU exercise (download) & Instructions

Problems & Solutions

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4