Philmont Scout Ranch

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0: Introduction

This is Selden's partial list of Web pages which describe Philmont Scout Ranch, as well as some other hiking and Scouting topics. It was started when a friend going to Philmont asked for some pointers to Web pages describing others' experiences there. Since then, it jest grew.

Please don't hesitate to send e'mail to about any Web pages that you'd like to see included or if you notice any corrections I should make. The Web grows too fast for any one person to keep up.

Most of these links are to other Web sites. Since they're also indexed on public search engines (which is how I found most of them), I haven't asked permission to include them. Not surprisingly, some of those links have become obsolete and don't work anymore. Please let me know when you encounter one that fails.

Those links which include the comment "provided by..." are located on this Web server. Permission has been granted by their authors to publish their articles here.

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1: Philmont Scout Ranch

For expeditions and seasonal staff members:

Name/expedition number (or department or camp in the case of seasonal staff)
47 Caballo Rd.
Cimarron, NM 87714

Administrative office (not for scouts):

Philmont Scout Ranch
17 Deer Run Road
Cimarron, NM 87714

Phone: (575) 376-2281
Fax: (575) 376-2636
For more details, see

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1.2: Maps and GPS Waypoints

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2: Preparing for Philmont

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3: Descriptions of Philmont Trek Routes (Itineraries)

Note: there have been major changes in most Trek Routes for Summer 2009, and there are minor changes every year. has been updated for 2011.

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4: Journals of Philmont Treks