Grant Hutchison's Messenger Trajectory for Celestia

Unzip this file into your extras directory, and it will create an add-on consisting of the trajectory file, and an accompanying messenger.ssc - in the absence of a Messenger model, the Galileo model distributed with Celestia is used as a substitute. The trajectory begins at 2004 Aug 03 07:15, and ends at 2012 Mar 31 23:15

I've updated the MESSENGER trajectory from Horizons: it gives correct timings for the planetary flybys, and a year's worth of the orbital phase. The new file is 421KB, because of the sustained higher sampling rate required for the Mercury orbital phase.

Grant Hutchison, January, 2008

[Messenger's Heliocentric Trajectory]
Messenger's Heliocentric Trajectory.
(2004 orbital parameters)

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