Grant Hutchison's Missing Stars for Celestia

These stars are included in the distribution package of Celestia from version 1.4.0pre5 onwards, so you SHOULD NOT install this add-on if you have Celestia 1.4.0pre5 or a later version. Using this add-on with v1.4.0 will cause a horrible mess.

The extrasolar planets file distributed with Celestia contains several extrasolar planets which orbit stars that are not included in the basic Celestia stars dataset. However, one of these stars, BD-10 3166, is present in Pascal Hartmann's extended stellar dataset (both versions A and C) at

So if you have the default Celestia stars installation and want to see the full complement of Celestia's extrasolar planets, you should download the file "" and place it in your extras directory. But if you have already installed Pascal's extended stellar dataset, download "" instead, and place that in your extras directory.

For optimal effect, these files should be used with the current version of "extrasolar.ssc", which is always available on the CVS tree at

These files supersede all previous files called "*" (where "*" is a number between 2 and 5) - if you have any such files in your extras directory you should delete them in order to avoid duplication.

Grant Hutchison, May 2004

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