Grant Hutchison's "Poor Moons" for Celestia

Objects which have been detected by not adequately tracked, so that only approximate data are available - positions in orbit as seen in Celestia are therefore *incorrect*, even for epoch.

This file is maintained in tandem with "numberedmoons.ssc", available from at: To avoid overlaps and drop-outs, you should use the current version of both files.


I've just revised numberedmoons.ssc to use the new multiple names option for ssc's. I've also done a couple of things of relevance to poormoons.scc:

I've moved Anthe from poormoons.ssc to numberedmoons.ssc, since it now has a good orbit. And I've moved S/2004 S 3, S/2004 S 4 and S/2004 S 6 to poormoons.ssc, since they still have not been recovered.

So poormoons.ssc now contains these three dubious Saturnians as well as the unrecovered Jovian, S/2000 J 11. It is compatible with numberedmoons.ssc as of SVN revision 4403.


Added G-Ring's moonlet S/2008 S 1


I've revised poormoons.ssc to include the name and permanent designation of S/2008 S 1. It's now called Aegaeon (Saturn LIII).

So far, I don't have a full orbit definition for it. I'll move it to the numberedmoons.ssc when one is available.


A definitive orbit for Aegaeon on November 1, and a new moon, S/2009 S 1, on November 2!

Aegaeon has now been moved to numberedmoons.ssc, and 2009 S 1 has been added.


I've added a preliminary definition to poormoons.ssc for the recently discovered fourth Plutonian moon S/2011 (134340) 1.


I've added a preliminary definition to poormoons.ssc for the recently discovered fifth Plutonian moon S/2012 (134340) 1.

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