Grant Hutchison's Trapezium for Celestia

The Trapezium stars of Orion are unfortunately missing one member in the distribution Celestia (because Theta(1) Ori B has no Hipparcos designation). And, until v1.3.2, they were also incorrectly positioned and named in Celestia. With the distances and names fixed in v1.3.2, it seems useful to complete the Trapezium by adding a definition for Tet1 Ori B. This tiny stc file adds the missing star - it should be placed in your extras folder:

Unfortunately the Trapezium appears to be missing three of its stars in Pascal Hartmann's extended stars.dat. This add-on therefore doesn't conflict with the big stars.dat, but isn't any great benefit to it, either.

Note (updated 7-jul-2006)
Starting with Celestia v1.4.0, all three of the Trapezium stars measured by Hipparcos have corrected values provided in Celestia's catalog file As a result, those three stars are all visible even when using the extended stars.dat and this add-on is equally useful with all versions of stars.dat.


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