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Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2003 18:20:04 -0800
From: E Fred Mussler <>
Subject: [Philmont]: Air line Stuff, Was Size of crew duffel
WEARING your boots is a great idea, we always do so. It saves room in the carryons and you make sure everyone has them. In addition if they are worn, they cannot be stolen if a carryon or other luggage is set down. As one commentor observed, virtually everything else can be replaced at Philmont, proper footwear cannot. We always carry our sneakers or other footwear in the carryon to change into on the bus,if so desired.

In addition, it is imperative that you CAREFULLY review each ticket to ensure that it has the proper name on it. Remember, everyone must have a picture ID, school id's or ones issued by a sherrif or local DMV will work for those under age drivers. HOWEVER, your name on the ticket should match the name on the id. NO nicknames or middle names. This really saves alot of hassel, double talk, and particular trouble at the airport. (Remind the guys to not tell the ticket taker that mom packed their bag, the proper answer to the question of "Did you pack your own bag? is "Yes!"-'))

Another issue, make sure you collect medical forms far enough in advance to be able to go through them to make sure you have all the signatures and copies of insurance cards. As an advisor you and the other advisors must be aware of everyone's medical issues. If you have questions about a medical form, it is highly likely the medical staff will also.

On the return trip, make sure that everyone packs the knives that they will buy in Cimarron in their backpacks, or better yet, send a box home. They will catch them in security.

When we flew last year, American provided us with large, strong, oversized plastic bags to put the packs in. If I were traveling again, I would ask the airline for some, grab some of the rolls of duck tape that we all have stashed in case of bioterroism, and take my pack to the airport "unboxed" and tape it up after they go through it.

Another thought, what they will let you do at your home airport is not necessarily what they will let you do in Albequrque or Denver or CS. One year, several back in the early 90"s, we were told we could take empty, aired out stoves and fuel bottles in our luggage, we even got a letter from customer service. They wouldn't let them on theplane in Albequrque. Don't risk it, ship it!

We will have lots more advice, solicited or not as the time draws closer, just be thinking of these key items now.

ps, now is the time to be ordering maps from Tooth of Time Traders so you can plan your trips and be familiar with them for when the Peaks books come. Has your crew designed their own "Crew T-Shirt" or hat or whatever?

Hiking Czar
aka Fred Mussler, SM Troop 357
Raleigh NC
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