Philmont Trek Route 21 (2002)

Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2004 21:56:58 -0500
From: kbarley6
Subject: RE: [Philmont]: Trek # 21

I did 21 in 2000 and 2002.

It flows OK, but has some places to watch.

I did the burro and did not. Separate discussion. It did not impact our program either way.

Get to Miranda early! It will rain by noon. I've gone straight there, or to Ute Meadows and setup then returned. Earlier is better, but drawing clear water (before the rain) and finding a campsite (crowded) are considerations.

Leave for Baldy VERY early. Do not climb before the summit is visible, but be headed down well before lunch. I hate the northern descent. Had more than one hurt going down. Return the way you came, get food and showers before heading to Gold Panning? Have not done it, but would try if I had it to do again.

You do not have to rush the next day to Upper Dean Cow. Let the Youth decide to press or stay and laundry and shower. Redo the Challenge Events at Head of Dean if you want.

They used to schedule shotgun shooting on the Upper Bench stop. Not practical, but you can do it as a side hike. Bring lots of water to Upper Bench.

Enjoy Cimarroncito, hike in with your food. Schedule your events early so they do not run your day. SIDE HIKE HIDDEN VALLEY. Hunting Lodge is worth the time. Do not shower too much, you get trench foot after 2-3 hours under the same shower:-)

Get to Clark's Fork early and schedule your horses. Hike to Ponderosa Park and set-up. Hike back to Clark's Fork for riding or chuck wagon dinner. Branding!

I leave very early from Ponderosa Park. I like to see the sunrise from the Tooth. Use your own judgment.

Bring lots of water on the Tooth, there is none. Took too little on the first trip, too much the second. We had snow on the ground, maybe we didn't need it as much.

You will see base camp for 3 hours before you get there. Very challenging. Take a last break in the shade before you punch out. It's a tough hike even though it's down hill.

Do not let your guard down. Keep a good headcount especially leaving the Tooth. Caterpillar just to see if they are all there and not heat stressed.

Do not let them sprint ahead into camp and disperse. Exercise leadership and have them walk to the scale with pride and discipline. It will make a difference to you and them for the rest of your stay at Philmont.


Kirk T. Barley
Cape Henry Chapter Advisor
TWC Philmont 2004 Contingent Advisor
Cape Henry Unit Commissioner
Guneu Schukuney Pemsit "Long Trail Walker"

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