Philmont Trek Route 5

Date: Mon, 05 Apr 2004 11:00:38 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: [Philmont]: trek 5

Some thoughts on Trek 5. Used to be #10. Great trek, I've done it twice.

With 2 layovers, you have to make up the mileage some other time. Cimarroncito to Tooth Camp is one. (We left Cito at 5:30am and arrived at Tooth about 3 that afternoon. Tough, hot, dry trail.) Phillips to Cimarroncito is another, although it is downhill. (Many think downhill is harder on you). We let our boys race down to Cypher's one year, thinking it wouldn't hurt. We crawled into Cito, we were so worn out. Beaubien to Wild Horse is long also.

GREAT camp on Phillips just as you arrive from Clear Creek. Halfway up the clearing, before you get to the top, look to the left for the trail. (Pssst. Don't tell anybody!!!)

Don't miss the homesteading program at Crooked Creek. Sounds "hokey" but our boys have always enjoyed it. Also, ASK for both pick-ups of food when you go to Phillips junction. That way you can be well past and on your way when you leave Beaubien. Otherwise you won't get out of Phillips until after they open. They may tell you it is a bad idea. They may not really want to. They did it anyway for us.

We ate dinner for lunch, the day before so we wouldn't have to cook at Tooth. We wanted to grab water and take off up to Shaefers. CD at Clark's Fork made us wait for a porch talk, even though we weren't staying there and he knew it. Oh well. He said we were his responsibility. Take lots of water, as you may not have any at Shaefers.

Lastly (and this applies to all treks.) Get up early and hit the trail. Dawn's first light.

Hope this helps. You can contact off-line if you wish more.

IWTGBTP (and I will, Lord willing, in '05)

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