Philmont Trek Route 5 Comments

Date: Sat, 03 Apr 2004 19:02:27 -0600
From: Pete Lucas
Subject: Re: [Philmont]: trek 5
Great trek, our troop did this trek in 2001. Crater Lake campfire is not to be missed, best show of the trek.

The hike from Crater Lake to Black Mountain was very difficult for me. We crossed the creek, I think, 53 times. I was at the back of the line and when we would go down into the creek and then back up the other side the boys would take off giving us little rest at the end of the line. This was my most difficult day during the trek. Really enjoyed, at Black Mountain, the blacksmith demonstration, everyone participated in the making of a hook for our cooking gear.

The two day layover at Beaubien was much needed after leaving Black Mountain. The boys enjoyed the horseback ride, branding, chuckwagon dinner, the campfire, and just taking it easy.

The hike to Wild Horse was fairly easy. The only annoying thing about Wild Horse was the mosquitoes, when we crossed the road and began to climb to Wild Horse the mountain side was fairly wet and mosquitoes suddenly appeared (we were there in July). Even with the mosquitoes, Wild Horse was my favorite unstaffed camp because it felt like we were really out in the wilderness. A very nice field (without mosquitoes) was just outside the camping area where we tossed a frisbee.

Going to Phillips was a great experience, camping on top. We got to enjoy the entire afternoon until a storm came up but the mountain top was very cold and windy. The hike from Clear Creek wasn't too bad, very few switchbacks, just pretty much straight up on a trail that's not very well maintained (you actually leave Philmont property for the ascent), just take your time.

The next day going from Phillips to Cimmaroncito was nearly all downhill except the last mile or so from Hunting Lodge. We stopped at Cyphers for the mine tour, very refreshing cool temperatures inside the mine. Even though the hike was downhill it was long and tiring.

Cimmaroncito was great with the rock climbing and rappelling and nice warm showers. We did our conservation project hauling dirt to the trail to fill in the worn areas.

Get an early start to Tooth Ridge, it's a long hike. All in all, a great trek. Our troop is going back this year and Trek 5 was again one of our groups top picks.


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