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Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2002 14:32:51 -0500
From: Brian Gannon <>
Subject: Re: [Philmont]: Trek Info

I just got back from a Philmont staff reunion, where I was able to get some updates about what's going on at the Ranch from Mark Anderson and some other people who were there:

For anyone who selects trek 20 (or for that matter, ends up hiking along Baldy Skyline between Head of Dean and the Baldy area) - Philmont dug a well where Baldy Skyline camp is now located. It's a good well too - about 16 gallons per minute according to Mark. Other improvements include a new cabin at Cypher's Mine and improvements to the chuckwagon dinner area at Clarks Fork.

Once again, the ranch is in bad shape when it comes to precipitation. It has been a pretty dry winter out there. Mark said a late-season snowfall would certainly be welcome, so we'll see what happens...

Philmont is still looking for people to work out there this summer. Over the last couple of years, they've been a doing a lot of recruiting at colleges and the like. They are expecting to hire 950 people this summer, up from around 920 last summer. Even though they typically receive well over 1,000 applications, a number of people end up dropping out during the spring months. If you know any young people looking for a summer job, have them call Philmont.

And finally, for those interested in the call-in for 2004 treks, it will be held on November 10 of this year.

I hope this info is helpful.


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