Philmont 2003 Trek Route 12

Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 15:00:46 -0400
From: EckertJ Subject: Re: [Philmont]: Trek 12
We were group 625-K. Trek 12 was very good. The only dry camp was Shaefers Pass. We ended up having our dinner at Clark's Fork and eating our lunch at Shaefers.

The hike from Black Mountain Camp to Lambert's mine is tough. Be careful to follow the map closely (navigators MUST use their compass) and don't fully rely upon the signs, especially the Commanche Pass sign!

When we got to Cimarroncito, we sent a group of 5 with empty packs up to Ute Gulch Commissary to get our food. Both the Phillips Junction and Ute Gulch Commissaries have good trading posts where you can purchase white gas for stoves.

Showers: There are hot showers at Beaubian and Cimaroncito. You have to build a fire for the Beaubian showers but the Cimaroncito showers are heated by propane.

Conservation Project: I would strongly encourage you to do your project at Beaubian. It is a layover camp, so you have time to work and still enjoy most of the day. We did our project at Fish Camp, which meant hiking 4 miles from Crags, working on the project, and hiking 4 more tough miles to Lost Cabin. We were really tired that evening and missed the program at Fish Camp.

Be extremely diligent with bear precautions. There are rangers who will perform surprise visits to your camp and evaluate the situation. We got nailed at Cimaroncito for having packs too close to the tents, smellables in the fire ring and near the sump, and leaving the sump frisbee and cleaning supplies by the sump. Our group got a stern lecture which adversely impacts morale.

Items I did not need: Water filter - the streams were clear and the polar pure was enough. The stream at Lost Cabin camp was shallow, but still flowing enough to get water. I only needed one pair of shorts and a pair of pants with the zip off legs.

Finally, the flies are thick and the misquitoes were irratating in the morning and late afternoon. I took along a small bottle of deet and it worked out just fine.

Have fun and be careful on your Trek.

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