Philmont 2003 Trek 22 (addendum)

Date: Sat, 02 Aug 2003 06:50:42 -0600
From: Bob Knudson
Subject: Re: [High_Adventure] Any recent info on Trek 22
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My crew did Trek 22 two days before Phil's, arriving in base camp on July 7th. I agree with everything he said, with the following differences and additional observations:

1) The hike up the jeep road from Harlan to Deer Lake felt like the steepest hike of the trip, even more so than the final 500 ft assault on Mt Phillips. The views from Deer Lake were indeed beautiful.

2) We hiked from Ute Springs to Cimarroncito, via the Aspen Grove trail. It was a nice trail. Hot Showers in Cimarroncito.

3) Lamberts features some of the mostly uniquely positioned pilot-to-bombardiers, high on the hillside, with great views. Be sure to head over to Cyphers for the advisor's coffee and stomp, the evening that you arrive.

4) We cooked dinner at Cyphers, before making the hike up to Mt. Phillips. The staff at Cyphers expected that their showers would be turned off by now, due to decreasing water flows.

5) I thought that one of the best hikes (from a scenery perspective) of the itinerary was the hike from Beaubien to Abreu, through the Lower Bonito Canyon.

6) Taking advantage of the pole climbing activity at Crater Lake was a good idea. Afternoon thunderstorms will cancel the climbing activity at Miner's Park. We tried to hoof it down to Miner's Park for rock climbing, but it was rained out. If your crew really wants to do rock climbing, they should get to Cimmaroncito early to standby for any available space for climbing.

7) On the last day, I had heard that "everyone runs out of water by the time they get to the Tooth." I started the day with five quarts of water, and walked into camp with a quart left. So, with planning, you don't have to suffer from thirst.

Our guys felt that the best staff camps were Cyphers and then Abreu (couldn't get enough root beer!). The campfire program was good at Beaubien, in addition to the layover. Best advisor's coffee at Cyphers.

Hot showers available at Cimmaroncito, Cyphers (while there's water), Phillips Junction, Beaubien (gotta feed the tobasco stove, though. They're supposed to get propane next year), Abreu, and Miner's Park.

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