Philmont's Brief 2004 Itinerary Guide


On June l, 2002 a lightening storm occurred in and around Philmont's North Country. Three lightening strikes resulted in wildfires. By June 6, the three fires had merged to form one large Complex Fire. The environmental conditions to support a wildfire were severe: drought, single digit humidity, high winds and unseasonably warm temperatures.

Through the first weeks of June the fire area grew to the size of 92,000 acres. This was the largest fire in the history of New Mexico. 28,000 acres of Philmont's North Country were within this fire area. The fire burned in a patchwork fashion with approximately 8,000 acres totally burned, 10,000 acres moderately to lightly burned and 10,000 acres untouched.

Crews who select itineraries in the North Country and the Valle Vidal will hike through some of the fire area and experience the patchwork results of the fire and learn about many aspects of fire ecology.

Special fire rehab conservation projects will take place in and around the area that includes the following staff camps: Indian Writings, Head of Dean and Dean Cow. Conservation Staff will be on hand to guide the projects and to inform the crew about fire ecology. As time permits, crews may opt to spend more than the required three hours of conservation work to enhance the recovery effort. This additional time can be applied to the required service hours needed to earn the Fifty-Miler Award.


Several itineraries offer an opportunity to trek into the Valle Vidal Unit of the Carson National Forest which has a common border with Philmont in the vicinity of Dan Beard Camp or Rich Cabins Camp. Philmont has agreed that crews trekking in the Valle Vidal will use no trace camping techniques. Each crew that chooses one of these itineraries will receive special training in "No Trace" camping techniques and back country navigation. A crew that plans to trek into the Valle Vidal must bring backpacking stoves and be knowledgeable of their use.

The Valle Vidal offers an opportunity to backpack through breathtaking scenery and a chance to see different wildlife including elk, beaver, and raptors. The Valle Vidal itineraries are designed for crews with older youth and/or experienced Philmont backpackers. There are several opportunities for cross-country travel that are challenging. Latrines, bear cables, fire rings and other facilities are not provided in the Valle Vidal. The scenery and opportunities to see wildlife are marvelous for crews that are adequately prepared. Each member of the crew should be very proficient with maps and compasses and should be able to demonstrate this proficiency.

Each crew that successfully chooses a Valle Vidal itinerary will receive a Valle Vidal section map of the area at no charge. Additional wall or sectional maps may be purchased from the Philmont Trading Post at a cost of $5.00 each, plus postage. Sectional maps are of a larger scale. (Prices subject to change.)

Philmont has established three temporary staffed camps in the Valle Vidal. The US Forest Service has graciously allowed Philmont to establish staffed camps at Whiteman Vega, Ring Place and Seally Canyon. The Rich Cabins and vicinity has been leased from the WS Ranch, which is privately owned. Each crew trekking into these areas is expected to demonstrate a sense of stewardship for public and private lands.


Each of the 35 pre-planned itineraries provide numerous exciting programs offered at back country program camps. Crews that stay in program staffed camps will have first choice of the program offered. Crews passing through these camps may, if time allows, participate in some of the programs. Trail camps offer crews a time to relax, bond as a team and build lifelong memories. Philmont is a total experience! Plan for a balanced trek and enjoy the serenity of the mountains.



Towering ponderosa pine forests and teaming trout streams await your crew as you enjoy great programs in Philmont's breathtakingly beautiful central and south country. Outstanding programs offered along the trek are rock climbing, western lore, complete with a horseback ride and chuck wagon dinner, black powder rifle shooting, Apache Indian camp, 3-D archery, and fly tying and fishing for three days. Finish your trek with a visit to the Mexican homestead at Abreu where on the last day your crew can have a root beer at the Cantina and participate in a Mexican Dinner.


This action packed itinerary offers many of Philmont's favorite programs. Horse rides, branding and opportunity for two chuck wagon meals are early features followed by opportunities to rock climb. .30/06 reloading and shooting, 12 gauge shotgun reloading and shooting, and a victory hike over the Tooth of Time make Itinerary #2 one of the best. ( This itinerary will pass through some of the area burned by the 2002 Ponil Complex Fire.)


A side hike to Philmont's towering Baldy Mountain, 12,441', falls exactly in the middle of this itinerary. Prior to that experience, your crew will enjoy archeology, western lore, complete with horse rides and a chuck wagon dinner and breakfast. Lead a burro to the Continental Tie & Lumber Company where you will relive the old logging days and hear the Philmont Story Campfire. Challenge events, rock climbing and shotgun shooting and reloading round out this popular itinerary. (This itinerary will pass through some of the area burned by the 2002 Ponil Complex Fire.)


Breathtaking mountain vistas and cool rushing streams await your crew as you trek Philmont's spectacular south and central country. Weld your crew together as you enjoy challenge events at Urraca. Rei old days of the New Mexico logging, homesteading, mountain men, gold miners and cowboys as y( five of Philmont's living history camps where the costumed staff share their interpretive skills wit crew, before you hike into base camp, over the Tooth of Time.


Two sets of layover days allow your crew to participate in lots of program on this 64 mile trek Continental Tie and Lumber Company at Crater Lake, where you actually climb tall spar poles with a gaff and a climbing belt, starts off your trek. There are two opportunities to shoot a 50 caliber black powder rifle as you visit Black Mountain and Clear Creek camps. Western lore, complete with horse ridl a chuck wagon dinner, awaits your crew at Philmont's famous Beaubien Camp. Side hikes to Trai from Beaubien and Hidden Valley from Cimarroncito Camp, as well as rock climbing, make this iti one of the most program packed!


From the Cimarron River, through the central and southern parts of Philmont, this program packed trek is one of the most popular. Rock climbing and a tour of Waite Phillips' Hunting Lodge start you off before you climb Thunder Ridge (10,725'), Comanche Peak (11,326'), Mt. Phillips ( 11,711') and Trail Peak (10,247'), if you wish to turn this typical into a rugged itinerary. After all this, your crew hikes to Base Camp via the Tooth of Time.


Although your crew will hike in the scars of the 2002 forest fire, you will be in some of the wildest on and around Philmont. As you hike along the Middle and North Ponil Rivers you will be follow old route of the famous Cimarron and Northwestern Railroads. Along these crystal clear streams enjoy homesteading, astronomy, GPS technology, mountain biking, search and rescue and wild first aid. The final two days takes you to Indian Writings where you see petroglyphs left by the Anasazi Indians and see the world's only known footprint of the Tyrannosaurus Rex.


After Ranger training, your crew will hike over Deer Lake Mesa to Visto Grande Camp for a spec view of Baldy Mountain, your destination for Day 6 and 7. On the way, take time to visit the mounta rendezvous at Miranda Camp where black powder rifle shooting is available. After the 12,441 as Baldy, you will have time to take a tour of the famous Aztec mine, pan for gold and do blacksmithing. Three more camps are on your journey where logging, homesteading and archa are featured. (This itinerary will pass through some of the area burned by the 2002 Ponil Complex Fire.)


This exciting 63 mile itinerary begins with archaeology at Indian Writings. Be sure to look for the only Tyrannosaurus Rex track as you hike along the North Ponil trail. Learn "Leave No Trace" camping techniques at Dan Beard and do the homesteading program at Rich Cabins, before the awesom hike up the beautiful Greenwood Canyon into Copper Park. From your Base Camp at Copper Park, you can side hike Baldy Mountain and visit French Henry Camp for gold panning and blacksmithing. Burro packing, logging skills, the Philmont Story Campfire and western lore complete this excellent trek (This itinerary will pass through some of the area burned by the 2002 Ponil Complex Fire.)

ITINERARY 10 Typical

Your crew will have a great opportunity for fishing on this itinerary. You will also hike over Mount ( elevation 11' 711 ). Other programs include . 30/06 rifle, Rocky Mountain Fur Company, black powder and fly tying. You can experience Jicarilla Apache Indian Life, 3-D archery, cantina and a Mexican dinner. This exciting trek ends with a tour of Kit Carson's home on the Rayado.

ITINERARY 11 Typical

This 56 mile trek follows rushing steams hikes your crew through green mountain meadows and traverses lofty peaks and ridges across Philmont's south and central country. Fly tying and fishing, Jicarilla Apache life, 3 dimensional archery and black powder shooting are early features of this trek. After hiking over Mt. Phillips (11, 711'), pan for gold and enjoy the "stomp" at Cyphers Mine. Day 10 finds your crew at Cimarroncito for rock climbing and environmental awareness, before you hike into Base Camp over the Tooth of Time.

ITINERARY 12 Typical

Fly fishing persons will love. this itinerary as several rivers run through this trek. Tour Waite Philips' famous Rayado Lodge at Fish Camp on your way to a two-day layover at one of Phllmont's premiere western lore camps, Beaubien, where horse rides and a chuck wagon dinner awaits your crew. Hike j along the South Fork of the Urraca to Black Mountain and experience blacksmithing, mountain livin' and black powder rifle shooting. Even more program is available at Cyphers Mine where you can pan for gold and be on your way to Cimarroncito's rock climbing camp. Your last day, your crew will hike over the Tooth of Time.

ITINERARY 13 Typical

Sharpen your navigation skills and participate in a "Rededication to Scouting" ceremony at Zastrow Camp as you begin this program-packed itinerary. You will hike along some of Philmont's prettiest crystal clear streams and enjoy fly fishing, homesteading and the famous Rocky Mountain Fur Company living history program, all before conquering Mt. Phillips. There is still more fun ahead as you pan for gold and participate in the "outrageous" STOMP program at Cyphers Mine. Two days at Cimarroncito Camp, Philmont's largest rock camp, and one last day of western lore round out Itinerary 13. Hike into base via the Tooth of Time.

ITINERARY 14 Typical

Splendid mountain vistas and exciting programs await your crew as you trek this south country loop. Interpretive history programs are highlighted at Crater Lake -Continental Tie and Lumber Company where spar pole climbing and the Philmont Story Campfire are featured. Next learn about fly fishing and tour the beautiful fish camp lodge. On to Beaubien for horse rides and a chuck wagon dinner. At Crooked Creek you will learn homesteading skills and even get to milk a cow. Your crew could elect to climb Mt. Phillips and Big Red. The last day is a spectacular hike over the Tooth of Time into Base Camp.


Crews on this itinerary will be still be able to see some of the damage caused by 2002's horrendous fire. Take the Dan Beard challenge and practice "Leave No Trace" camping as you prepare for five days in the beautiful remote Valle Vidal section of the Carson National Forest, our neighbor to the north. Here you will experience Mountain Biking at its best, wilderness first aid and search and rescue, conservation and homesteading. Back at the Ranch there will be time to visit the Continental Tie and Lumber Co. at Pueblano and climb rocks at Dean Cow Camp as you conclude this great trek.


This trek through Philmont's south country offers many varied and interesting programs plus the opportunity to fish in clear mountain streams. A two day layover at Apache Springs provides time to view a replica of a Jicarilla Apache Indian village and learn about their lifestyle. Crews will also enjoy 3-D archery. Other programs include homesteading, rock climbing, environmental awareness, Continental Tie & Lumber Company, black powder rifle and western lore. Your last night is spent at Clarks Fork before a victory hike in over the Tooth of Time.


This rugged itinerary takes you up north into the ancient homeland of the Anasazi Indians and past the world's only known T -Rex footprint! Hike into the Carson National Forest, our neighbors to the north, and enjoy Search and Rescue, Mountain Biking and Astronomy. The last two days will immerse your crew into western life as you visit an early New Mexico Homestead and finish off with a branding of your crew's boots at Ponil. ( This itinerary will pass through some of the area burned by the 2002 Ponil Complex Fire.)


This rugged but program packed itinerary has an old west flavor! Learn to make bullets and fire a high powered 30.06 rifle as you pass through Sawmill Camp. After you have milked a cow at Crooked Creek homestead and ridden a horse at Beaubien you will be a real westerner. Next, pay a visit to Waite Phillips famous fishing lodge, tie flies and fish for trout on the Rayado and Agua Fria streams. Enjoy the all-new land navigation program, the Dutch oven dessert and the Scouting Rededication Ceremony at Zastrow Camp.


This exciting rugged itinerary loops up through the beautiful Bonita Canyon and into the spectacular Valle Vidal section of the Carson National Forest. On your trek, your crew will enjoy Homesteading including a chance to milk a cow as our ancestors did. Experience Astronomy, Search and Rescue, and mountain biking before hiking down the North Ponil River Valley toward Philmont's famous archaeology program at Indian Writings. As you head toward Six Mile Gate on your last day, take time to visit the world's only known T -Rex track. (This itinerary will pass through some of the area burned by the 2002 Ponil Complex Fire.)

ITINERARY 20 Strenuous

This action-packed itinerary takes you along the cool mountain streams and lofty peaks of the south and central country. Sharpen your map, compass and G.P .S. skills at the Zastrow Navigation Center. You're then off to Fish Camp to seek the elusive trout. Rest-up at the Crooked Creek Homestead before hiking to Mt. Phillips where you will spend a night at Philmont's highest camp. Finally, there is a great tour of Mr. Phillips' Hunting Lodge and a day at Clarks Fork for horse rides, boot branding and a chuck wagon dinner . You last day takes you in to Base Camp via the Tooth of Time.

ITINERARY 21 Strenuous

This very popular itinerary offers two sets of layover days so your crew can maximize their program opportunities! This rugged itinerary takes you back to the bygone days of the early New Mexico loggers and mountain men. Gold panning and mining as well as a Baldy Mountain side hike are featured. A two night stay at Cimarroncito will allow your crew to rock climb and hike pristine Hidderl Valley. Horse rides and a chuck wagon dinner are on tap before your Tooth of Time victory hike. (This itinerary will pass through some of the area burned by the 2002 Ponil Complex Fire.)

ITINERARY 22 Strenuous

This trek is enhanced by a night at Philmont's highest camp, Mount Phillips, and a two day layover at Beaubien. While hiking by Fish Camp, you may tour Waite Phillips' fishing lodge and fish for trout in the Rayado River. Other programs offered are gold mining and panning, blacksmithing, Rocky Mountain Fur Company and black powder rifle. Enjoy rock climbing at Miners Park where you will spend your last night before trekking over Tooth of Time Ridge and into Base Camp.

ITINERARY 23 Strenuous

Fishing for trout in clear mountain streams and views of mystic mountain peaks are highlights as you travel through Abreu, Fish Camp and Porcupine. You will enjoy challenge events and the Philmont Story Campfire at Urraca, a Mexican homestead with dinner and cantina. Day 6 offers the opportunity to experience 3 dimensional archery. Take time as you hike north to enjoy homesteading, Rocky Mountain Fur Company, .30/06 reloading and shooting, rock climbing, and environmental awareness at Dean Cow before your last day's hike to Six Mile Gate. (This itinerary will pass through some of the area burned by the 2002 Ponil Complex Fire.)

ITINERARY 24 Strenuous

This strenuous itinerary begins in the historic logging area of the north country with program at Rich Cabins and Pueblano. From there, your crew is off to Copper Park, French Henry and Baldy Mountain, the fascinating gold mining district where you can enjoy the mining and blacksmithing program. You will then spend two days exploring Dean Canyon, highlighted by challenge events at Head of Dean, rock climbing and environmental awareness at Dean Cow. You may also try your hand at burro racing, shotgun shooting and western lore before heading back to Camping Headquarters along the Tooth of Time Ridge. (This itinerary will pass through some of the area burned by the 2002 Ponil Complex Fire.)

ITINERARY 25 Strenuous

The views are incredible from the three 10,000 ft. peaks that you cross on this exciting itinerary. It also offers lots of "never to be forgotten" programs early in the itinerary such as rock climbing at Cimarroncito and 30.06 rifle shooting and reloading at Sawmill. Visit the Rocky Mountain Fur Company outpost at Clear Creek and an 1860's homestead at Crooked Creek on your way to Philmont's great western camp at Beaubien. The last night at Zastrow Camp, you crew will participate in a very moving "Rededication to the Values of Scouting" ceremony.

ITINERARY 26 Strenuous

This strenuous trek starts in the beautiful south country and allows you to hike over Mount Phillips and camp at an elevation of 11 ,326 feet on Comanche Peak. Many programs are featured in this unique itinerary such as challenge events at Urraca, rock climbing, environmental awareness, mountain livin', black powder rifle, Rocky Mountain Fur Company, and .30/ 06 rifle shooting. You will tour and stay overnight at the famous Hunting Lodge. Take a horse ride, brand your boots and enjoy a chuck wagon dinner at Clarks Fork before spending your last night at Tooth Ridge trail camp. Hike into Base Camp over the famous Tooth of Time.

ITINERARY 27 Strenuous

Your crew will be well versed in the principles of "Leave No Trace" camping after spending five days in the beautiful Carson National Forest and in the northern most reaches of Philmont. A special agreement with the U.S. Forest Service allows Philmont to operate three staffed camps in this area which allows crews to enjoy Search and Rescue, mountain biking and astronomy programs. Hike to Dan Beard, up scenic Cook Canyon for exciting challenge events. Then you're off to Ponil Camp where western lore and two real non-trail food meals await your crew. (This itinerary will pass through some of the area burned by the 2002 Ponil Complex Fire.)

ITINERARY 28 Strenuous

From the old Rayado River to the top of Mt. Baldy and on to the historic Ponil country, this strenuous 75+ itinerary completely bisects the Ranch from south to north. Along the way, you will get to rock climb, side hike the Tooth of Time, ride horses, ascend Baldy, shoot black powder rifles, and climb 30 ft. spar poles at the Continental Tie & Lumber Company program at Pueblano. Be sure to request a burro to help carry your equipment from Miranda to Ponil.

ITINERARY 29 Strenuous

This strenuous itinerary provides an abundance of hiking with less time for program activities. The trek begins in Philmont's south country where you can take part in the Continental Tie & Lumber Company, western lore, rockclimbing and environmental awareness. As you hike toward Baldy Mountain, participate in challenge events, mountain man rendezvous, and side hike over the 12,441 foot Baldy. This trek includes gold mining and panning and concludes at Indian Writings where archaeologists will introduce you to the ancient history of the Anasazis in the North Ponil Canyon. (This itinerary will pass through some of the area burned by the 2002 Ponil Complex Fire.)

ITINERARY 30 Super Strenuous

This itinerary is a mountain climber's delight. After climbing Baldy Mountain you will proceed south to hike some of Philmont's other major peaks including Mount Phillips, Big Red, Black Mountain and the Tooth of Time. Much time will be spent hiking and enjoying the remote wilderness, but you may have time to participate in burro packing, mountain man rendezvous, black powder rifle, Continental Tie & Lumber Company, western lore and gold mining and panning. This trek will challenge even the most seasoned backpacker. (This itinerary will pass through some of the area burned by the 2002 Ponil Complex Fire.)

ITINERARY 31 Super Strenuous

This excellent itinerary traverses the backbone of Philmont -from the Rayado country at Old Abreu to the top of Mt. Baldy, Philmont's highest peak at 12,441 feet. Along the way, take time to savor the flavor of the "old West" at the Continental Tie & Lumber Co. program at Crater Lake camp. Enjoy shotgun shooting and burro racing at Harlan as you head across the Cimarron River for more fun. Heading up into the Baldy Mining district, be sure to visit the Mountain Man Rendezvous. Catch gold fever at French Henry's Aztec Mine, then finish with a cool glass of root beer at the Ponil Cantina.

ITINERARY 32 Super Strenuous

This super strenuous itinerary begins in the historic north country with stops for western lore, horse rides and cantina at Ponil. Relive the days of the Continental Tie & Lumber Company and enjoy the mountain man rendezvous prior to hiking Mt. Baldy (12,441'). Back in the central country, enjoy shotgun shooting and burro racing. This trek concludes with a victory hike over the Tooth of Time. (This itinerary will pass through some of the area burned by the 2002 Ponil Complex Fire.)

ITINERARY 33 Super Strenuous

A super strenuous, but exciting itinerary awaits the well prepared crews on this 80+ mile trek. You will have the opportunity to hike most of Philmont's major peaks, all over 10,000 feet. Included are Bonita Peak, Big Red, Mount Phillips, Comanche Peak and Baldy. A remote wilderness camping experience is provided while hiking much of the Philmont territory. Time for program opportunities is limited. Howeyer, your crew may enjoy western lore, logging skjlls and archaeology on this very challenging hike. (This itinerary will pass through some of the area burned by the 2002 Ponil Complex Fire.)

ITINERARY 34 Super Strenuous

If your crew is in shape for long hikes down deep canyons and over 10,000 ft. mountains, then this super strenuous itinerary is for you. A new route this year is designed for the crew who wants to climb Baldy and Mt. Phillips and stay in some of Philmont's most beautiful trail camps. There still may be time to do many fun-filled programs such as the challenge events at Head of Dean, gold panning at French Henry; 30.06 rifle at Sawmill, and enjoy the great Mexican dinner at Abreu.

ITINERARY 35 Super Strenuous

No trace camping techniques are taught early, on this itinerary, as you prepare to trek the Valle Vidal. Your crew will bushwhack across country to Seally Canyon for first aid and search and rescue training, then enjoy mountain biking at Whiteman Vega Camp. You will enjoy two chuck wagon meals and horse rides, followed by rock climbing, before hiking into base camp via the Tooth of Time. (This itinerary will pass through some of the area burned by the 2002 Ponil Complex Fire.)

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