Philmont '97 Summer Adventure -- Troop 278

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From: (Mr. Keith A. Dompier)
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Subject:     Re: Philmont '97 Summer Adventure?
Date:        1 Aug 1997 03:10:27 GMT
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Subject: Re: Philmont '97 Summer Adventure? We returned from our Philmont trek on July 7. We had a great time! We hiked the south country (hike 11) with no real problems. Staff we had was great, including out ranger Kyle Thomas. Food was actually pretty good --- the boys said that it was better than base camp!! Only a couple of issues which were easily compensated for. We attended the advisor coffee every night we were in a staffed camp and it was well worth it in terms of information. Found out that everyone had issues with the mnashed potatoe dinner -- make the potatoes separate for sure. We had no problems with animals, but kept an extremely clean camp and went by the guidelines. We heard of a few incidents where a crew or two decided not to and bears had gotten into the packs and made quite a mess. I might also insert here that there is also a $500 fine **per person/occcurance** on this. We saw many deer (over 30), a few wild turkey and a 30" rattlesnake. Coming from Arizona, our crew was fairly used to dealing with them and had no issue. Be careful and remind your boys that rattlesnakes have a striking distance of 2x their length. Watch particularly around the mesa areas. We saw no bear but were is areas where bear had been seen with a day or two of our travels, so be prepared and assume that there are bear in your area always -- it's safer. Ourt trip was from Phoenix, so nothing of real significance on the trip. One great experience was staying the night before arrival at Springer, NM in the NM National Guard Armory there. We had showers but, most of all, the boys had a huge inside area to run in. The Lt. allowed the boys to play basketball and we had a collapsable, backpack frisbee which worked well. The guys (adults too!) played hard for 3 hours and no one had issues sleeping. Glad to share more if you wish. Just send questions via direct E-mail. Good luck on your trek, YIS, Keith Dompier Scoutmaster, Troop 278 Phoenix, AZ "Opinions expressed are only mine and are not meant to represent anyone else nor any organization"