Philmont 98?

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Date           28 Aug 97 02:21:44 GMT
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If you or a group of yours is going to Philmont in 98, might you please
give me an idea of your itinerary, where you are from (generally), and the
cost for your trip. It would really help this old Scouter.


Scott Hilbmann
Southern New Jersey Council, BSA
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Re: Philmont 98?

From  (Stephen M. Henning)
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Date           Mon, 01 Sep 1997 19:10:13 -0400
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Usually people from our area, Reading, PA, fly out via Albuquerque or
Colorado Springs.  If we go out through Albuquerque, we stop in Santa Fe
and Taos.  If we go out through Colorado Springs we stop at the USAF
Academy, Garden of the Gods, the Koshares in LaJunta, CO.  Our contingent
fee for a trek is $950 including air fare, meals, fees, etc.

Cheers, Steve Henning, Reading, Pennsylvania, USA
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