1998 Philmont Statistics

provided by Mark Griffin, Director, Philmont Training Center.
E'mail: philptc@springercoop.com
Wed, 13 Jan 1999

In 1998 there were 20,197 campers at Philmont (this includes regular treks, Mountain Treks, short treks, Rayado, and Trail Crews)

Of those, 13,863 were 17 or younger. 1,579 of those (11%) said they had been to Philmont before. (I don't know, but I would bet that the Rayado, Trail Crew, and Mountain Trek participants would be a significant portion of the repeaters.)

Of those over 21 years old (5,239), 36% said they had been to Philmont before. This could have been as an adult or youth, at PTC or camping.

For those looking at Itineraries, the most popular 1998 treks in terms of # of crews and # of hikers were #15, #13, and #8. 127 crews took #15 and 125 took #13.

The least popular were #27, #2, and #25. 10 crews chose #27 and 18 chose #2.

There were about 64 arrival days in 1998.

The new (or changed) routes in 1999 are #2, #18, #19, #28, #29, and #30. #29 and #30 are totally new Valle Vidal routes.

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