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Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2002 13:48:27 -0400 (EDT)
From: John LeBlanc <> [address updated 2may07] Subject: [Philmont]: Albuquerque to Philmont
Go to Taos. Don't miss Southwest Drum and Moccasin. Let the wife have the credit card and twenty minutes. No more or you will have to get a second mortgage. Just remember that if she is in the "wifes" program she might get a second shot at it. And then you always have to drive back through. Good luck!

Then go to the REAL Taos.......Taos Pueblo and realize how long life in that community has been the same. Pay, get in and smell the Pinon smoke. Get some fresh baked bread. go get some fry bread and a couple of flute and drum tapes or CD's to listen to as you drive through Cimarron Canyon. Talk to some of the people who live there. Make friends. One of my favorite human interest stories came from buying fresh fry bread there, but that is another story! Try not to be touristy.

Another.......park at the east end of Hwy 64 bridge over the Rio Grande gorge. Walk out on the bridge and just try not holding on the rail when an 18 wheeler drives by. Take your kids with you. It's safe and the traffic goes slow. Take the camera AND binoculars so you can see the people in the rafts below.

Stop and pay respect at the Vietnam Veterans memorial at Angle Fire. Try coming out of there with dry eyes. I couldn't. A lot of my friends paid the price in that one.

Look up at the mountains of Philmont to the southwest. That is where you are headed.

Smell the Aspen after a rain (that is a prayer for rain Philks!).

Stop on Cimarron pass at 10,000 feet and enjoy the cool mountain air. If you are in luck, engage in a snowball fight from snow freshly fallen during the summer (that is a prayer for rain Pholks!)

In short, just sift your way to the ranch and don't miss anything.

Mail a postcard to neighbors from the Ute Park post office.

Notice hw few Scouts you see along Hwy 64. Normally you will see several treks near there.

Soak in Cimarron as a town.

And you already know about Cimarron Rolls, so go get some more money and enjoy!

You'll never regret it.

John LeBlanc
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