Upon Arrival At Philmont

Date: Thu, 03 Jun 2004 09:49:18 -0400
From: emuss3
Subject: [Philmont]: Upon Arrival at Philmont

VERY IMPORTANT! When you arrive at Philmont your crew leader will check-in and be assigned your tents in tent city and your crew’s ranger will be called to come on down and meet the crew. The crew ADVISOR must head over to Administration and finish the check-in procedure. This includes any final payments, additional payments, roster turn in and the like. HOWEVER, they will not proceed to step one without your TOUR PERMIT! If you are part of a contingent make darn sure that your contingent leader either gets right off the bus and runs, not walks, to the admin building, or get a copy of the tour permit to have with you. Further, they like to have all the Advisors for the crews from contingents to arrive together. Gather the parties, have your crew leader make arrangements to handle your gear, pack etc, while you are gone. The crew can get it off the transportation and take it to your tent for you, if you get held up.

When you have the tour permit, the nice people in admin will take your roster, photo release, any monies that you may owe, payment for extra crew or contingent pictures and issue you receipts.

They will also provide you envelopes to store valuables in. The envelopes are not big, but suitable for airline tickets, id’s, money, credit cards, etc. Each person will put what they want stored in an envelope and seal it. They will give it to the designated advisor who will put the individual envelopes in one large one, seal it and take it back to Admin and have them lock it in the safe. This only can happen during business hours, 9-5 and they are closed for lunch. Only designated advisors can retrieve this envelope (during business hours). One thing to consider is whether or not to put the keys to the crew locker in the envelope. If you do and someone has to come off the trail, they may not be able to get them. This is a good reason to carry the key to the crew locker with you on the trail, or better yet use a combination lock.

Again, they will not do any of this unless they have a tour permit. If you don't get check-in done, you cannot get a picture taken. ALL CREWS have their picture taken on a bench with the Tooth of Time in the background. Because of the angle of the sun, they only take pictures until 11 or 11:30 am. If you miss the picture on check-in day, you must have one taken before you hit the trail the next day. This can be a real hassle if you have an early bus to the trailhead, especially if you are trying to have a contingent picture taken. .

FYI Everyone must have a picture taken, and they do so without sunglasses and hats. This is in case someone gets lost, the news people can pull the picture and distribute copies. . They will (or in the past have) taken extra pictures with hats and glasses etc, if you pay for them in advance, which can only happen in admin, after you turn in your tour permit. All crew members get one free picture, either of the crew or of the contingent. If you are in a contingent and have a contingent picture taken, in addition to the crew picture, then someone must pay for them in advance, usually the same person with the tour permit-;))

Fred Mussler SM T-357
Raleigh, NC
Eagle Class of 75
Philmont 90,98,00,02
Double H Charter Hiker 717-500

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