Classic bad coffee recipe

From  (Nelson Goforth)
Date           Wed, 06 May 1998 22:16:28 -0600
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Sounds bad, yes.  But....

I worked for a couple of summers at a Boy Scouts of America camp in New
Mexico (Philmont Ranch). Lots of the individual camps within the Philmont
Ranch (an enormous place) made cowboy coffee on wood stoves.  Here's how
some of the folks made it.

Fill a large enameled coffee pot with water and whatever amount of course
ground coffee works for you.  While it is cold, crack an egg into it...
shell and all.  Bring everything to a boil.  This is pretty bad coffee,
though not as bad as some I've had.  The egg is supposed to settle the
grounds and the yolk evens out the flavor.

The trick though is DON'T toss the grounds.  Next day, add more water, more
coffee....another egg.  And this coffee is actually pretty damned good.

Third day. It's some of the best coffee I can remember.

But eventually there's too much grounds to make coffee, and you have to
toss out the whole awful mess.

And the guys from Louisiana added Tabasco Sauce.  Sometimes a dash of salt
went in (this might have come from Navy guys, if I read Tom Clancy

Sounds awful yes.  But it seemed great at the time.


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