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Date: Mon, 08 Apr 2002 14:18:37 -0700 (PDT)
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I was a crew leader last summer and I noticed many new "trekkers" are asking for information about crew leader's duties, and I hopefully can help you out. Some of you may know the noticable duties, being "newbies" or "returnees", but there are also many different "odd" jobs that you will end up doing as the crew leader. Here is a list of all the stuff I had to do:

Organizing - Get to know and understand everyone in your crew. Learn their ablities, likes and dislikes, and how they function with the rest of the crew. Start to pick everyone is a crew roster of duties. Depending on how many u have in ur crew, you can even things out in duties. We had 9 of us (and 3 adults), and split into three groups of three, and each ahd two jobs, which rotated at every camp. (Water Purification & Garbage; Cooking & Setup Camp; Clean & Bearbag; if I remmeber correctly). Show them that you are in charge, but don't boss them around. Let things be flexible and be nice and understanding with the crew. You are the mediator between the crew and the advisors.

Planning - Help plan the way. Get things organized for this. In Logistics, you will learn more about the trek that you selected, and ask MANY questions as to what, where, etc.

Guidance - You will be the one that everyone goes to when they have questions or complaints. You will be the one to even out things, make things better, etc. Learn to be fair and equal to everyone.

Duties on the Trail - You will be the one with your "life", a.k.a Crew Leader sheet. It is more important than the roll o' gold (toilet paper). Take care of the sheet, have it accessible, but in a safe, secure location. (And no, not your back pocket either!) You will be the one that checks you into staff camps, gets the food and supplies. Do not be suprised if the staff has a bit of fun and stamps, cuts, makes marks, burns on it, etc. That is a normal "souviner" at camps. You will also be the tiebreaker vote and the one that has majority rule on everything you do. Encourage everyone to do the events and activities. Have fun, make things exciting!

Other - minor duties at Philmont will include more organizations and teachings of the crew with your ranger, planning certain meals, and making other minor yet important decisions. You are the one everyone will listen to on the trail. Have them respect you and you should do the same.

And if you have any questions, just email me at

Greg Leuch
727-P1-2000; 618-G1-2001; Staff in 2003???
Crew 35 - Chickasaw Council - Memphis, TN| aim: backpacker005

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