Double-H 2004 Expedition 704-AA

Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2004 19:59:59 -0500
From: James Ray
Subject: Re: [Philmont]: Campfire times and Double H Stuff

Now, how do I put this?? Hmmm.. Basically, it isn't Philmont! No trails, little shade, hot in the day, cool to cold at night, sandy stream beds, steep ridges, slick scree, stalking mountain lions, constant threat of dehydration.... AND, some beautiful views, extreme challenges, and an overall wonderful experience that rivals anything experienced in Scouting.

The use of the GPS was great and I just though I knew a lot about topo's and a compass. The GPS takes it to a new level. The Wilderness Guide (note: they are not Rangers! as our Guide pointed out several times and soon enough we were able to note the distinction) being with you the entire trek was actually a welcome addition to the crew. Matt Herritt, our Guide was outstanding, and if given the chance, I would include him on any trek we ever did. Besides, the advisors enjoyed pummeling him in a good game of hearts. :-)

Double H is EXTREME, high-desert trekking, and the week there is more than enough. It is tough on equipment and personnel. We broke 2 of 3 water filters, used up 4-5 filters, broke 2 packs, broke people, etc..

I would seriously question some younger scouts wanting to attend, as they, as well as the rest of the crew better be tough physically and mentally. What's doable at 14 and 15 at Philmont is questionable at Double H. Be prepared for a hard, difficult, and yet satisfying adventure. At 46, I've now done it, got the patch and t-shirt, but I doubt I will try that again. I'll stick to the easier 12 day treks at Philmont.

James Ray
SM, T591 Arlington, TX
Philmont '01 (726-J1), '03 (720-C17), '05 (701-E)
Double H '04 704-AA

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