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Interesting discussions happen all the time concerning clothes and equipment lists.

Here is the "What To Bring" list found on page 19 (the last page) of the 1959 "Exploring Philmont, Information For Campers" booklet I was given prior to my August 1959 trek,

(Starred items are available at Philmont Trading Posts)


1   Uniform
1   pr.Dress Shoes
1   Pocket First Aid Kit
1   Towel


*   2 t-shirts
*   2 Underware shorts
     4 Handkerchiefs
     1 Towel
*   4 Pairs wool socks (2 pair cotton if desired)
     1 Pair hiking shoes
*   1 Poncho or raincoat
*   1 Sleeping bag or 3 wool blankets
*   1 Mess kit with eating utensils
*   1 Toilet kit (soap, tooth brush, etc.)
*   1 Shaving kit (no electric razor)
*   1 Pack pr pack board (available for rent, 50c per trip)
*   1 Philmont trail uniform
*   25 Feet heavy string or light weight cord
*   1 Jacket or sweat shirt
*   1 Ground cloth
*   1 Flashlight
*   1 Pocket knife
*   1 Canteen
*   1 Map


*   1 Pair moccasins or sneakers (for camp wear)
*   1 Camera
*   1 Notebook and pencil
*   1 Air mattress
Trail tents will be issued without extra charge
So you see in 42 years some things have changed and some things have not. The basic list still remains the same.

The trail tent mentioned was the unbiquious Official Boy Scout trail tarp, about a 10 foot square piece of canvas with many gromets and five sets of tie tapes on it which could be set up in every configuration except a tent. The same goes for a poncho, it can be used for 101 things except what it is designed for, to keep you dry in the rain. I still carry a poncho on most outings.

Cooking was done in WWII surplus aluminum cooking pots carried by the crew on open fires or in cast iron dutch ovens checked out at various trail camps.

And oh those Seidel "Veg-A-Rice " packets! I can still remember that awful tasting stuff.

John LeBlanc
Eagle Class of 1959
Phirst Philmont Ptrek 1959
My latest adventure was yesterday
Today is not over yet!

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From: John LeBlanc <> [address updated 2may07] Subject: Re: [Philmont] Philmont Equipment List 1959

In a message dated 4/2/2001 6:20:12 PM Central Daylight Time, writes: << What's a Philmont Trail uniform ## on your list >>

I have no idea what Philmont thought it was. That is exactly what the list says. If memory serves me right we left out class A at basecamp in the locker and the trail uniform was Scout Shorts, a Scout T-shirt and neckerchief. At least I know we had that with us for campfires which were about all the program they had back then.

John LeBlanc
Eagle Class of 1959
Phirst Philmont Ptrek 1959
My latest adventure was yesterday
Today is not over yet!

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