Philmont Personal Gear List with Weights (15.5 lbs)

Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001 22:53:39 -0700
From: Jim <>
Subject: [Philmont] Packing List
> Jimmie White wrote:
> James Ball, I would to see your list if you would share it with us.)

Jimmie et al,

I would love to share it with you but, as yet, it doesn't really least not on paper. I have a whole "warehouse" of gear (sometimes 3-4 items deep in a product category), and am still acquiring 1-2 lightweight pieces, but have never taken the time to write out a list and weigh every last piece. I don't even have a scale, so must rely on mfr.'s. specs and friends.

But, in an effort to please, I'll give you an overview:

     GVP G4 Pack (4000ci + extension collar)          13
     Nomad 2+2 tent (w/poles, stakes, lines)          54
     Tyvek ground sheet                                5
                                                   ...72 oz.

     WM Highlite 40 deg. down bag                      17
     Design Salt silk liner                             4.7
     Artiach SkinMat pad (63x20x.8)                    22
     Silnylon stuff sac                                  .3
     (4) Grabber-Mycoal hand warmers + felt pouch       3
             (for cold nites only)                  ...47 oz.

     Homemade alcohol stove, wind screen/pot hldr.       3.5
     Fuel bottle - Nagene 16 oz.                         2
     MSR Titan (titanium) tea kettle                     1.9
     Snow Peak Ti "Spork"                                 .6
     Lexan bowl, cup                                     5.5
     Cleanup kit (soap, bleach, scrubbie, washcl, etc)   4
     2.5 lt MSR Dromlite water bag w/hydration hose      4.6
     Nalgene 32 oz wide mouth (for mixed drinks)         5
     PolarPure for water purification                    4
     Personal tea/spice kit                              7

     This is were I'm having the most difficulty deciding,
     so I've given an allowance for packed items:    ...48

     First Aid kit, sun, bugs                            5
     Hygiene, teeth, hair, face, foot care               4
     (2) Photon Micro Lite II                             .5
     Petzl Tikki headlamp + spare battery set            3.5
     Emergency repair/survival kit + duct tape :-)       5
     Compass + map (est.)                                4
     Lieke hiking poles                                 22

TOTAL PACK WEIGHT =           249.1 oz  or  15 lb./9 oz.
Please note that this includes about 4+ lb of what would be considered "crew" gear. However, if I were doing a Philmont trek, I would substitute a CampTrails "Freighter Pack" frame (56 oz) and a Sealine "Baja" drybag (11 oz) for the Golite pack which would about equal the 4+ lb. of crew gear. As you can see, I still have some work to do. My goal is to get as close to 10 lbs. base weight as possible, and I've probably got about 1.5 lb to go. I suppose I could throw out the hiking poles and call it a day, but at my age :-) I need all the help I can get.

Anyway, I hope all of you who have been waiting to see this (Keith, Jimmie, et al) are now placated, at least for awhile. At some point, each person's gear list is loaded with personal choices that may not work for others. I hope this helps, and remember, YMMV.

Happy Trails

James Ball
Central Florida Council (Orlando)
Troop 225 ASM; Tipisa Lodge 326;
ADC and District Training Chair;
"usta be a Beaver (SR189)....
      ....and a good 'ol staffer too! (SR295, SR372,SR432)"

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