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The Training Center features an organized program of fun and activities for everyone under the leadership of trained staff members. Evenings are devoted to family activities and free time. Sunday and Wednesday afternoons are free for family activities, hiking, fishing, or sightseeing. Programs offered are listed below and described on the following pages.

Family Program Groups meet while conferences are in regular session.

Monday 8:30 to 11:30am & 1:30 to 4:30pm
Tuesday 8:30 to 11:30am & 1:30 to 4:30pm
Wednesday 8:30 to 11:30am (only if the conference is in session)
Thursday 8:30 to 11:30am & 1:30 to 4:30pm
Friday 8:30 to 11:30am & 1:30 to 4:30pm

Babysitting is not available and child programs are not available at other times. Family groups may be combined if registration is low. Groups are arranged by the school grade they are going into and/or age:

Nursery Children - Ages Infant - 2
Small Fry Children - Preschool and Kindergarten (Ages 3-5)
Ninas (Amigos) Girls - 1st Grade ( 6-7)
Tigers (Amigos) Boys - 1st Grade (6-7)
Chicas Girls - 2nd through 5th Grade (8-10)
Cub Scouts Boys - 2nd and 3rd Grade (8-9)
Webelos Boys - 4th and 5th Grade (10)
Boy Scouts Boys - 6th through 8th Grade (11-13)
Muchachas Girls - 6th through 8th Grade (11-13)
Los Jovenes Boys and Girls - 9th Grade and up (14-20)
*Mountain Women Girls - 9th grade and up (14-20)
*Mountain Men Boys - 9th grade and up (14-20)
Senoras/Senores - Non-conference adults

* Must be 14 as of January 1,1999, or have completed the 8th grade

Some spending money, as well as canteens or water bottles, rain gear, and day pack large enough to hold all their gear will be needed for each person participating in family program activities.

Children must participate in the family programs or be under the supervision of a parent and may not attend conference sessions with a parent. If both parents are attending conferences, one of them must supervise their children when family programs are not in session. Children whose behavior is disruptive or are ill will be returned to their parents.

If you bring your children, but not a spouse, don't worry. Conference sessions and family programs are planned so that you will get out in time to pick up your children when their activities are over. (But, don't let this be an excuse for your spouse!!)

If both parents are taking a conference, the demands of the conference schedule may make for some difficulties. It is not recommended that parents of Nursery or Small Fry children both enroll in conferences because these ages are "parent-intensive," .

Family Program Groups

Each family program group will participate in activities that are designed with the age and ability of the family member in mind.


A nursery is located in the Small Fry Center and parents may leave their children during family program times listed above. They may be left for either an hour or two, or for the entire morning or afternoon as determined by your group or conference schedule. Care is provided according to your instructions.

Parents of Nursery-aged children need to send all the "essential" items (bottles, sweaters, diapers etc.) with their children. Labels should be placed on these items with their name, and your tent city and tent number.

Small Fry

At the Small Fry Center the staff provides activities, games, pony rides, and supervised play during the family program times. Parents of Small Fry children need to send all the "essential" items (bottles, sweaters, diapers etc.) with their children. Labels should be placed on these items with their name and your name.

Ninas, Tigers, Chicas

These groups will participate in nature hikes, picnics, pony rides, lawn games, songs and skits, day hikes, sports, museum tours, and handicrafts.

During weeks of small attendance the Ninas and Tigers may be merged to form a group we call "Amigos."

Cub Scouts

Cub Scout activities may include hiking, Villa and museum tours, archery, pony rides, air rifle shooting, sports, nature hikes, Cub Scout games, and handicrafts.

Webelos Scouts

Webelos Scouts will enjoy hiking, archery, air rifle shooting, sports, handicrafts, nature hikes, Villa and museum tours, and a parent-Webelos Scout overnighter. The overnighter is just for the Webelos Scout and a parent.

Boy Scouts

Boy Scout-age boys will enjoy a schedule of activities that varies from week to week. The Boy Scout Program may include day hikes, an overnighter in Philmont's backcountry, nature activities and games, archery, air rifle shooting, handicraft, and Scoutcraft.

Boy Scouts must have a Philmont or BSA medical form signed by a physician within the past 36 months and should bring the listed equipment for overnight hikes.

Please understand that while some of our Cub Scout, Webelos Scout, and Boy Scout programs may be based on advancement requirements, their main intent is to let our Scouts have a fun Philmont experience! The true "arena" for advancement is in the home, the den, the patrol, or the troop and we do not wish to usurp the parent's, den leader's, or Scoutmaster's role.


Muchachas will participate in Villa and Museum tours, hikes, field sports, handicraft projects, nature activities, outdoor cooking, games, and an overnighter.

Muchachas must have a Philmont or BSA medical form signed by a physician within the past 36 months and should bring the listed equipment for overnight hikes.

Los Jovenes

LJ's is a program for those teen-age family members who choose not to participate in the Mountain Men or Mountain Women program. LJ's will stay at PTC with their family, but will enjoy a week of activities built around participation in Philmont's COPE course (a team-building, "ropes course" experience), day hikes, and an overnighter.

Los Jovenes must have a Philmont or BSA medical form signed by a physician within the past 12 months and should bring the listed equipment for overnight hikes.

Be sure to notify the Training Center if your teenager will be in the Los Jovenes group or the Mountain Trek Program as it relates to housing assignments in the tent cities.

Mountain Men/Mountain Women

Mountain Men and Mountain Women treks are backpacking expeditions that provide the opportunity to experience the rugged challenges of Philmont's Sangre de Cristo mountains. Mountain Trek crews hike 20-30 miles into the backcountry where participants stay at several camps that offer a variety of exciting programs, along with time to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of Philmont. The Mountain Trek Program is for young men and women who are 14 years old as of January 1, 1999 or have completed the 8th grade, but are not yet 21. All Mountain Trek participants must complete and return the Mountain Trek application included in your participant's packet. Participants are organized into male or female crews and are placed under the supervision of two of Philmont's highly qualified Rangers.

On Sunday afternoon Mountain Trek participants check in at the Philmont Training Center and meet at 2:00pm prepared to leave for the trek. (If you cannot arrive by 2:00, please place your teen-ager in the Los Jovenes program.) After a short orientation meeting with the Mountain Trek Rangers the participants will be divided into crews based on their age and ability and prepare for departure into the backcountry. Participants will return Saturday morning after breakfast.

A Philmont Health and Medical Record (signed by a physician within the past 12 months and the parent or guardian) is required. Philmont provides crew gear, but personal gear will need to be provided by the participants along with other items listed on the Mountain Trek equipment list.

PLEASE NOTE: Since the Philmont Training Center opens prior to the opening of the backcountry programs, Mountain Treks will not be offered during the June 6-12 conferences. In its place a special week-long C.O.P.E./hiking experience will be offered to teenagers.

Senores (Wives, husbands and other adult family members)

Senores will find that a wide range of activities are planned which may include museum visits, local history, Indian arts programs, pottery-making demonstrations, guided nature walks and programs, Villa tours, trips to nearby resort towns, COPE, and fishing. Senores will car-pool to any hike or activity away from PTC.

An extensive day-hiking program is available to Senores. Hikes range from an easy 1-mile nature walk to somewhat strenuous all-day hikes of 3-8 miles. Possible hiking destinations include Abreu Camp, Lover's Leap, Cathedral Rock, Window Rock, Indian Writings Camp, Urraca Trail, and others.

PLEASE NOTE: Family program activities are subject to change based on the availability of qualified staff, instructors, weather, or other conditions beyond Philmont's control.

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