Philmont Personal Gear List with Weights (25 lbs)

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I have reconstructed the list of gear which I took on the trail at Philmont in '98. The weight of the gear which I carried on my back was approximately 25 lbs.

This list does not include the weight of water nor my share of crew food.

In choosing gear I try to pick equipment which will be functional, sturdy, and lightweight. Before taking anything on a long trek, such as Philmont, I test the gear on shorter trips.

Big savings on weight was in not carrying unnecessary clothing. Instead, I carry the implements for regularly washing my clothing. Since there is no cotton in the pack, the nylon gear dries very quickly.

A few items to note.
1 nalgene bottle for drinks and 3 very lightweight Platypus for carrying extra water.
No underwear. My shorts and pants have nylon mesh briefs.
Ultralite 3/4 pad is much lighter than full size Thermarest.

There are still creature comforts on the list, such as a pillow, camp sandals, and a chair kit.

One change which I will make in the list is the hat. It is too hot for the summer. Instead I will take a nylon baseball style cap with a detachable sunscreen cape for the neck. OR makes a nice one.

With this gear I was quite comfortable in the 100 deg heat and the hail/snow on Baldy. Trimming even a few pounds from your pack makes a huge difference in your comfort on the trail.

Personal Gear List, Philmont '98
Cleve Gilmore,

Items typically carried on the trail.
Qty.   Item                                       Weight (oz)
1      Jansport external frame backpack                 81.50
1      Pack cover                                       11.00
2      Straps, nylon                                     2.25
1      Tent, half weight of tent shared with tent mate  51.25
1      Sleeping bag, North Face Climber 3D              34.00
1      Pillow                                            7.25
1      Shorts for sleeping, nylon                        3.50
1      Shirt for sleeping, coolmax                       5.50
1      Stuff sack for sleeping bag and sleeping
       clothing, waterproof                              4.75
1      Thermarest Ultra Lite 3/4 pad                    15.00
1      Thermarest Lite Chair Kit                        10.00
1      Thermarest sack and repair kit                    2.75
1      Rain suit, Goretex                               32.50
1      Sweater, Polartec 100                            11.00
1      Shirt, coolmax                                    5.50
1      Convertible pants with mesh briefs, supplex      10.00
1      Smartwool socks and poly liners                   4.75
1      Bandana, coolmax                                  1.75
1      Teva sandals                                     20.00
1      Sierra Cup (16 oz) and lexan spoon                3.75
1      Nalgene, 1 qt                                     4.00
3      Platypus, 1 lt                                    2.25
1      Leatherman Micra knife                            1.75
8      Ziplock for clothing in pack, 1 gal.              4.00
2      Ziplock for washing clothing, 2 gal.              1.25
1      Wash basin, collapsible                           3.25
1      Toiletries in nylon bag                           9.50
1      Pack towel                                        1.50
1      First Aid kit                                    15.75
1      Sewing and repair kit                             2.75
2      Garbage bag                                       4.50
1      Petzyl Micro headlamp with batteries              5.25
3      AA batteries, camera battery                      2.25
1      Camera and case                                  12.25
6      Film rolls                                        3.75
1      Note pad and pen                                  3.75
1      Compass                                           3.00
1      Whistle                                           1.00
                             TOTAL Weight Carried (Oz) 399.75
                                           (24 lbs, 15.75 oz)

Items typically worn on the trail.
Qty.   Item                                       Weight (oz)
1      Shirt, Rail Rider Eco-Mesh, supplex               6.50
1      Shorts with mesh liner, nylon                     4.50
1      Smartwool socks and poly liners                   4.75
1      Vasque Sundowner boots, size 10.5                54.75
1      Watch                                             1.25
1      Bandana, coolmax                                  1.75
1      Hat with wide brim, nylon                         3.75
1      Walking staff                                    18.25
                                 TOTAL Weight Worn (Oz) 95.50
                                             (5 lbs, 15.5 oz)

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