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Philmont publishes three guides for crews taking treks. The first one is the "(year) Council & Unit Planning Guide". This is sometimes called the (year) Planning Guide or just Planning Guide. This publication is used to plan and organize the logistics your Philmont trek. It has details as to processes, procedures, equipment needs, medical requirements, and so forth. There is a risk advisory section that should be given to all of your crew members and advisors so they can consider whether a Philmont trek is right for them. This publication is usually received early in the year of your trek.

The next publication is the "(year) Advisors Guidebook & Philmont Itineraries". This has carried the subtitle P.E.A.K.S. (Philmont Expedition Adventure Key to Superactivities) in the past although I understand that the subtitle was changed in 2000. This guide lists the individual itineraries and programs available and is used by the crew in selecting the route that they would like to follow. There is also a section detailing preparation for Philmont, the roles of the crew leader, advisor and ranger, equipment and other requirements and logistical information for basecamp and on the trail. This publication is usually received around the middle of March the year of your trek along with a post card for sending in your crew's top five itinerary selections.

The "(year) Guidebook to Adventure" is a publication given to each crew member that contains summaries of the information in the other two publications, so the all members of the crew can know a little of what to expect and what is expected. In short, it is a guide for participants and their parents. This publication is usually received with the PEAKS book.

The "Philmont Advisor's Guide" published by Cooper Wright and Wally Feurtado is an independent publication containing some of the information in the "official" guides, and a lot of information gleaned from years (literally) of experience taking crews to Philmont by the authors with ideas and updates from other Philmont advisors. It might be compared to one of the "... for Dummies" guides you see for computer software because it goes behind the "Users Manual" and gives you alot of what works and why information about Philmont. This guide is available for around $10 by contacting Sales of the guide help fund the high adventure activities of the Venturing Crew Coop is the advisor for.

I hope this helps clear up the confusion.

Happy Trails

Roy Fisher

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