Philmont 2000: How to Pack

This was the packing list used for Expedition 707A1 and 707A2. We left Seattle, WA by Amtrak heading to Los Angeles arriving on day 2 of our trip. We spent one week touring theme parks and attractions in the area, and departed on day 9. Our Philmont Trek didn't start until day 11 of our trip. After Philmont we had another 4 days until we arrived back in Seattle.

Prescription medicines Total needed for the 1st leg of trip
1 ea T-shirt & shorts For sleeping at the hotel
1 prHiking bootsTo wear with your uniform from Raton to Philmont
2Grey Philmont T-shirts
1 prScout shorts
1Scout belt
1Class A Scout shirtMake sure you have all the correct patches, and have them sewn on securely
1Razor/shave creamIf necessary
1Small bar soap
3 prUnderwear
1Small notepad & pen
2 prRegular socks
1 prScout socks
1Swim trunk
1TowelFor the train and the beach
1Nail clippersClip toenails NO LATER than June 30th
1 prSandalsTeva or soccer-type sandals
1SunscreenFor California
1 prRegular shortsSee dress code
1 prLight weight pantsZipper-legged pants or nylon. no cotton
1 prSunglassesWith a crush-proof case
1Light jacket/windbreaker
1Ball cap(keep it clean)
$100-300Spending moneyAverage spent at Philmont's Trading Post is $75. Banker will handle.
OPTCamera/filmCould bring film mailers & credit card info, and mail right after the hike. They'd probably be in your mailbox when you got home.
OPTPostcard stampsFor mailing postcards
OPTParent's email addressWe'll be sending updates
OPTBooks/magazines/CD player/headphones/cards, etcFor the train rides.
OPT1 cheap rain poncho, or $$ to purchase one at Disneyland if necessaryIt rains there sometimes.
OPTSnacksFor the train ride. Keep them somewhat healthy. (The train runs out of food a lot.)
OPTPre-paid phone cardsTo call home

Wear on the train
1White Philmont T-shirt
1 prSocks
1 prUnderwear
1 prShortsSee dress code
1 prComfortable shoes
1Wrist watchYou will need this the entire trip

What not to bring at all
Camouflage clothing/hats etc
More than a few CD's/gameboy games, etc
Tobacco/alcohol/illegal drugs
Non-scouting clothes except as mentioned above
Unnecessary valuables

Crew Gear- for all 8 scouts & 2 adults
1First aid kit
2Padlocks for Philmont
250 ft. nylon cord
1Fuel filter
1Small plastic trowel

Borrow/get at Philmont
5Bear/food bagsPhilmonts bags are good
250 foot ropesNot parachute cord
TP (as much as you want)
5Polar Pure
1Sump frizbee
1Bag of salt/pepper/bio-suds, scrubpad (cut it into 10 pieces)
Trash bags (as many as you want)
2Sets of SECTIONAL mapsBuy at $5 per map. One for the Crew Leader- one for the Advisors.

Per 2 person team
1Small battery operated alarm clock
1Small Toothpaste
1Sm. Tube vaselineFor chaffing
1Large SunscreenMinimum 30 SPF

Per cooking group (4 scouts or 2 adults)
1White gas stoveWith extra parts
1Rubber spatula
12 qt. Pot with lid
14 qt. Pot with lid
1Water purifier/filterWith new cartridge
1Pkg of matchesIn waterproof container

Personal backpacking gear
Prescription medicines
1 prLight glovesFor cold weather
1Stocking cap
1Small FlashlightWith extra bulb/batteries
2BandannasTo shoot at
31 qt. Water bottles
1Rain jacket
1Rain pant
1Emergency blanketPackaged foil.
Cash in small bills ($1 and $5 only)Approx. $20-$30
IDFor an emergency
OPTShort Gaiters
1Lightweight pant or zipper-legged pantsNylon preferred
1Deep bowl
1Lexan Spoon
1MSR fuel bottle
1Sleeping padClosed cell foam
1Sleeping bagIn plastic bag
1Pack cover
1Sleeping clothes
Extra ziploc bagsMultiple uses
1Insect repellant
Pack strapsFor securing gear to pack
1Pair camp shoes or sandals
2Hiking socks (plus the ones you're wearing)
3Sock linersIf you wear them
2-3 prUnderwear (including what you're wearing)
1-2 prLightweight nylon shorts
1Long john shirtNo cotton
1Long john pantNo cotton
2Wicking T-shirtsNo cotton
1Wide brim hatSun/rain protection
1Fleece jacket or wool sweater
1Chapstick with SPF
1 prSunglasses w/hard case
1Small notepad & pen
OPTCamera & film
1First aid kitSmall
1Small biodegradable soapFor showering

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