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From           Jim Jaeger <>
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Date           Sun, 06 Jul 1997 18:38:28 -0400
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Perry West wrote:
> **  Some remedies people have suggested:
>         --  Walking sticks, one or two (your preference).
>         --  Knee brace.  Whether appropriate for you and which kind depends
>         on your particular condition.  Get expert advice.
>         --  Exercises.  Again, different conditions require different
>         exercises.  Doing the wrong ones exacerbated my problem.
>         --  Anti-inflamatory drugs.
> Bring those knees back into shape, and keep hiking.
> Regards,
> Perry
I'll have to agree with Perry 100%. I went on a two week backpacking
trip with our Boy Scout troop to Philmont in NM. My doc recommended 
starting to take ibuprofin the day *before* we started hiking, and to 
stay on it for 3 days after. Those of us that took it daily fared much
better than those that didn't do anything until their knees started 
acting up... lots of up & down hills. I also used a pair of spring-
loaded hiking poles. Both helped a lot. 
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