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Date: Mon, 04 Jun 2001 09:22:37 -0700
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Subject: [Philmont] Mountain Man Trek
The Mountain Man Trek (and Mountain Woman Trek) offered through PTC is a great experience for the kids. The boys are with a Ranger all week, in a group of 6-8. They will be out for seven days and six nights, doing a fairly typical Philmont trek (except that it isn't 10 days) and you will not see them all week. They'll be mixed with boys from other parts of the country (which can be good and bad) and will learn to work as a team with as little interference from the ranger as he can muster. The Mountain Women will hike with a female ranger all week, and they seem to have as much fun as the boys.

One caveat is that if you are there during week 1 of PTC, the back country is not open, and the Mountain Man/Woman program is NOT the typical trek. They will do a few day hikes and overnighters, and they will camp away from PTC all week, but we kept seeing our son in camp during week 1 last summer. They made the most of the week, with COPE and other challenging activities, but we were very disappointed that it was not the same type of trek that our oldest son got to do. That's one reason that our younger son is primed to go to Philmont this summer. He is still hungry to do a real Philmont trek.

Folks going to PTC and having a son in the Mountain Man program should consider taking a friend along. The rules are that for every one of your children in the Mountain man program, you can take one other scout friend. That gives your son someone to share the experience with, and it allows more kids to experience a Philmont trek.

The normal Philmont personal packing list applies to the treks, but the crew gear is all supplied by CHQ, and the ranger stays with them all week (and is the only "adult" with the trek). My oldest son's trek started Sunday and during the week went from Abreu to the Tooth of Time, before hiking into CHQ on Saturday morning. That's a typical route for some of the less agressive 10-day treks, but they covered the ground in 7 days. They still got into camp early enough to do a lot of the fun back-country activities, despite having hailstorms every day at 3:00 sharp.

Roger Tipley
Houston, Texas

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