my, repeat, my views on PTC -- a tongue-in-cheek report

Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2002 18:34:50 -0500
From: Allen Corzine <>
Subject: [Philmont]: Re: my, repeat, my views on PTC

[Allen is trying to be humorous. See his clarification below, which includes additional advice. -- Selden.]

my name is allen corzine and i am a cub master from pack 59 in topeka ks. these are my views after returning with my family from our first visit to PTC.

first, i did not like it. while i was training [new directions in training], my wife and 8 year old son was having fun. i did not have enough time to have fun. alright, i was there for the training, but still one day off, especially when you take the time to go to Taos, short trip on the map, slow drive on a two lane road, but beautiful sights, does not leave enough time to have fun.

is it really a reward for the families who have to split the adult leaders with scouts? "sorry honey but i've got that committee meeting that night" countered with at philmont "you should have seen the view, how was your room today"

food - adequate but one thin piece of ham????, chicken nuggets when they said chicken..., but fruit and salad bars were very nice. not my father's cracker barrel, not a summer sausage in sight. baked cobbler, but not in dutch ovens, because of open fire ban? instant coffee?????? remember to look at the map and not embarrass yourself by taking the nontrail from PTC towards the Scout museum. hey, it is only marked "not a trail" on the other end.

seriously, the drought has done major damage to the grassy areas at PTC. if it ever rains, it will be time for mud baths. staff at PTC was great.

western night was great - wife bought the argument that my blister kept me from trying line dancing. midway was good, show and tell was good - i think, i was presenting and did not have time to get to the other 44 exhibitors. not enough time for all to get through without rushing - 1 hour.

wildlife spotted at PTC by me - female mule deers enjoying the apples which had fallen off the tree outside my tent. one bolted when i opened up, one just took two steps and stood there looking at me, looking at the car behind it where my camera was.

one bear cub sighted on front lawn on sunday but not by me. bears eat apples don't they?

herd of mule deer came in each night, starting along fence row just north (?) of the villa. two bucks, does and fawn?, light was going.

speaking of light - sunset great view from south camp, we were east. best overall view of all complex was from overlook south of PTC up on the hill. could see the trekking camp, scout museum and PTC.

please send happy thoughts that the photos turn out.

just a sly fox, and remember, my opinion and $ will buy coffee at the trading post.

Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2002 07:58:51 -0500
From: Allen Corzine <>
Subject: Re: responses to " my, repeat, my views on PTC"

just a clarification, the first email by me was an attempt to be somewhat humorous.

for all those concerned, i did enjoy myself and i strongly recommend the experience to any scouter and their families who can possibly fit the PTC into their schedule. Philmont has the course schedule for next year out, we got it at our conferences. check with them or your council office. Be aware that you will wish you had more time b/c there is just so much fun stuff to do.

some real hints:

as suggested by others, plan other activities either prior or after PTC if you have the time.

get into shape if possible so you can do the trails on your free day if you wish. if you are a low lander like us, [topeka is 900 feet above sea level], i recommend what we did, if you have the time, we went to the mountains on Friday and spent the weekend at altitude before going to PTC.

drink lots of water at PTC, not coffee, tea, soda but H20.

be prepared to learn, both from the instructors and from your fellow conferees.

did i mention that there is patch trading? a nice touch was a scouter who produced a box of patches and announced to the kids (and others) to just put one patch into the box for any patch taken out.

the sing alongs at cracker barrels was great. if you have room, bring your instrument. if you sing like me, you may want to carry a bucket so you can carry the tune.

bring along some rope so you can put up a mini clothesline in your tent to dry your towels without them getting dusty.

take advantage of any opportunity to speak to the national leaders who may be there. i attended a "fireside" chat one night which was quite interesting, informative and yes, fun.



just a sly fox, and remember, my opinion and $ will buy coffee at the trading post

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