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Congratulations on your invitation.

I went last summer with my boys and had a great time. I have three sons, age 8,9, and 13. You will be staying in tent city so bring appropriate bedding and mattress. There is one light bulb in the tent. The shower and toilet facilities are shared so bring your towels, etc.

Bring lots of quarters and some soap for the laundry. Bring a water bottle and carrier. You will really want to drink a lot of water and it is easier if you have your own bottle and hip pack to carry it.

Your older son will have the opportunity for an overnighter if you can find another adult to accompany him or someone to watch your daughter. I was fortunate that one of the adults in my class was willing to go with my son and he was okay with sleeping in a tent by himself. They will take several hikes. My son hiked into the mountains toward Catheral Rock so I would make sure they have either good shoes or boots and a day pack or backpack.

You might want to bring a ball, frisbee, etc. to play with your kids or for them to use to play with other kids. There will be tons of kids. Last year, there were over 80 Webelos 1. They were divided into 4 groups with at least three advisors per group. On my son's hike, they got caught in a thunderstorm and came off the trail literally covered in mud because they got into a mud fight. It was a mess to clean him up, but he still talks about how much fun they had. I just had to let my Type A personality roll with the punches.

Wednesday is a family day. We went river rafting just south of Taos on the Rio Grande and had a great time. We used a company named "Native Sons", and were very pleased. We topped the day off with a Mexican dinner in Taos before we drove back.

You will have the option to hike the Urraca Trail. It is only open to PTC attendees and you can get a patch if you and your children hike and fill in the nature questionaire. I would bring or purchase something leather that you can brand. They usually have about two sessions in the evening where they will brand personal items. My kids had their boots branded and still are proud of them. They will probably have a midway night with lots of interesting games and activities put together by other attendees. That was lots of fun.

I am returning to PTC in 2 weeks. I live in Ft. Worth area. We will spend Saturday night in Amarillo, then drive into PTC on Sunday. From DFW area, I found the shortest way is to go north from Amarillo and cut across New Mexico to Raton and go south to PTC.

Bottom line, my kids had an awesome time. Everyone of them asked me at the Friday night campfire if we could come back next year. They are really looking forward to our return in 2 weeks. I will warn you that walking across to the trading post is dangerous to your wallet. However, you can get the kids ice cream and treats to break up the routine. I would also recommend touring the museums.

Hope this helps.

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Fellow Scouters...

(I have posted this on the Scouts-L list and am now asking for your opinions)

I will be going to PTC for the first time this summer (Just for Cubmasters) and would like some advice on items to bring along. I have received the information packet that PTC sends with the confirmation letter. What other items of use or importance would the PTC veterans of this list recommend. I will also be taking my Web II son (10 yrs old) and my 3rd year Brownie daughter (8 yrs old). Thanks in advance for the info.

BTW, my wife isn't going because we have a 4mo old baby at home and (1) she is not comfortable with a baby sitter yet, and (2) PTC requirements say at least 1yr old. She is VERY disappointed.

Gary Gibson
Cubmaster -- Pack 89 - The Woodlands, Tx.
Roundtable Staff, UC -- George Strake District
Sam Houston Area Council

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