Philmont Random Thoughts

Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2007 11:27:03 -0500
From: Keith Hooks
Subject: [Philmont] Random thoughts after completing trek 31
  • I'm really grateful everyone got into shape for this trek, including advisors-no major problems

  • the monsoon season's not so bad

  • it rained every day but the first and last in base camp

  • we only actually hiked in the rain for maybe 30 minutes

  • the biggest difference between a super strenuous and strenuous seems to be the lack of down time you have in camp

  • I'd have rather gone up than down the Copper Park side of Baldy

  • almost everybody in the crew has a water bladder now, and everyone seems to drink more water

  • eating with Mark Anderson at the chuckwagon meal in Beaubien was a pleasant surprise...Mark was our district exec years ago, when they still called them d.e.'s

  • Visto Grande is gorgeous, but shouldn't it be Vista Grande?

  • a good crew leader makes a big difference

  • so does having advisors who know when to stay out of way

  • walking barefoot in the ice water from snow runoff is fun

  • after three stays at Mt. Phillips camp, I still haven't seen a sunset there due to the clouds

  • a certain troop 315 from Kansas left a piece of plywood at the summit with the crew's names written on them-you know who you are, shame on you

  • they really need to paint over that graffiti in the welcome center's men's restroom

  • Sawmill still has the best sunset at the ranch

  • great campfire at Beaubien, but leave out the naughty words next time

  • passed a crew from Houston on their second day out who looked like they were about to die

  • they haven't made a memory card big enough for all the pictures I want to take here

  • I always get choked up singing the Philmont Hymn at opening campfire

  • our Ranger, Ben, a student at Iowa State, is a credit to scouting

  • triple strength Gatorade + adolescent males = scouts gone wild

  • our guys did the flag retirement at Pueblano to a rave review from the staff

  • no matter how hard you try, you can't win at loggerball

  • it's really hard for me to keep my mouth shut during the challenge events, but I managed

  • what happened to Pemican Bars?

  • jalapeno squeeze cheese goes with everything

  • warning labels on peanut butter packages: “May stick to the roof of your mouth”

  • didn't get a shower until after 7 days on the trail, but didn't die

  • I didn't have a appetite until the last day on the trail

  • snowball fights are good for crew morale

  • no spreadables?

  • God bless the chaplains

  • yes, Philmont really is run by college students

  • no, that's not a bad thing

  • are external packs becoming extinct?

  • some of us got to work on our tans in camp

  • writing on the rocks at mountain summits with a Sharpie seems to be a fad that's passed

  • singing bad country and western tunes on the trail rocks

  • Simple Simon's pizza is really good, but only after the trek

  • we really were a family for those 10 days

  • peanut butter makes a great trail snack

  • I love these guys

  • nobody will trade anything for Oreos

  • my wife cheerfully supports my Philmont habit

  • I'm the luckiest sob I know.

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