Philmont Ranger 40th Anniversary Celebration

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Subject: Philmont Ranger 40th Anniversary Celebration
Date: 21 Mar 1997 04:27:32 GMT
Organization: AOL

If I had anything to say to the Philmont Rangers, it would be:
The pattern of the Rangers will set the standard for Philmont.
The loyalty of the Rangers will set the moral tone and goodwill of Philmont.
The attitude of the Rangers will determine the success and happiness of
the group that each Ranger takes out. - - Clarence E. Dunn, June 11, 1977

1957 to 1997.  For 40 years, Rangers have been proudly serving Philmont. 
To commemorate this occasion, the 1997 Ranger Leadership invites all
Rangers from years past to join us for a Celebration and Reunion.
WHEN:  Saturday July 5th, 1997.  (Of course you may arrive earlier and
attend the Maverick Club Rodeo, & Eagle Nest Fireworks on the 4th.)
WHAT TIME:  8 am Mountain Time.
WHERE:  The Ranger Office at Philmont Scout Ranch.
LODGING:  The Ranch will be in full swing with Campers, so there will be
no housing available, but a list of hotel phone #'s is at the end of this
*  The 8:00 Ranger Meeting.
*  Huge Ranger Reunion Photo.
*  Join a '97 Ranger as he / she guides a crew through Base Camp check-in.
*  Presentations & Visitations by & with Past & Present Ranger Leadership,
Chief Rangers, Ranch Administration, & anyone that has Ranger history to
*  Everyone join-in singing the Ranger Song at the Ranger Bell for Lunch.
*  BBQ Dinner.  At 1 of 3 possible sites:  Villa Lawn,  Nairn Place, Grist
(there will be a fee for the meal, approx. $5 or so.)
*Attend the Opening or Closing Campfire.
Please spread the word to all your Ranger Friends that may not have
received this notice.  I hope to see each of you at the Ranch this summer.

Beau Sill, Chief Ranger 1995 - 1997

To RSVP, just Print this, clip out this form and send it by US Mail to:
c/o Beau Sill, Chief Ranger
Philmont Scout Ranch
Cimarron, NM 87714

____ Yes, I plan to attend!!

When were you a Ranger?:
_____, Yes, I would like to share my Ranger Memories with the Dept. & Friends.
_____, Yes, Plan on me for Dinner.  # of people_____.  (don't send money now)

Casa Del Gavilan	505-376-2246  (The Nairn Place) 
Kit Carson Inn		505-376-2288
Cimarron Inn		505-376-2268
St. James Hotel  	505-376-2664
Cimarron B & B  	505-376-2616
Cimarron C of C 	505-376-2417
Raton C of C		505-445-3689

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