Philmont Reflections

Subject: Yahoo! What a trip!!

I'm back at the office for the first full day back from Philmont (our trek ended Saturday, July 12, but you know how Amtrak travel can be) and I wish I were still there.

I'd never been to Philmont before, but, in our crew of 7, only one other was there as a first-timer as well, and that was a youth. We did Trek 22, adding about 11 miles of side hikes to the 70-mile basic trek. If anyone wants specifics on this trek, just ask.

General notes:

I've written too much, I know, but feel I've really benefited from some others' postings before leaving, so if anything here helps even one person, I'll feel good. Any details desired? Trek 22 is super--write me offline and I'll tell you more. I can also tell you what items I carried; my "pre-crew gear" backpack weight was 32 pounds and, with water and crew gear added, was very manageable for a 70+ mile trek.

Please note that I am *not* a super athlete. I prepped at my local Curves for Women franchise, wearing a heart monitor to make sure I worked 30 minutes at 85 percent of my heart rate. I didn't want to heave out a lung while climbing Mt. Phillips!

Thanks, all, for the great preparation. I want to go back to Philmont!


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