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Subject:      Philmont training programs
From:         "Lee E. Tarantino" <>
Date:         1997/02/28
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Am thinking of going to the roundtable training seminar this summer. Has anyone been and can you tell me what you got out of it. I can imagine that the backdrop is beautiful, but I would like info on the course itself.

Thanks. --
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Lee E. Tarantino

Subject:      Re: Philmont training programs
From: (Stephen M. Henning)
Date:         1997/03/01
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They do not have courses, they have conferences. The staff is different each summer, and also is different for each conference. The staff has a syllabus, but the content varies from year to year as the staff varies and the conference attendees vary. They try to address concerns of conferees and the conferees bring many ideas and handouts which are helpful.

If you need more information about the conferences, contact your council, or feel free to write Philmont at: The National Training Center of the Boy Scouts of America Cimarron, New Mexico 87714.

Cheers, Steve Henning, Reading, Pennsylvania, USA

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Subject: Re: Philmont training programs
Date: 2 Mar 1997 13:31:34 GMT
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Barb and I attended PTC in 92 (our first trip) to attend the Cub Roundtable conference. The experience ranks right up there with Cub Scout Trainer Wood Badge. In subsequent years two others from our Roundtable attended and they were also exhuberant about their experience.

One Scouter (from another district) attended the Boy Scout Roundtable Conference in '95. His reports were good, but I didn't get any detail as to how much it helped improve his RT program.

You will find either conference to be an excellent "idea generating" and "idea evaluation" opportunity. Lots of people with lots of different experiences.

Lee, you didn't mention whether you have family to accompany you. Experience from the Illinois contingent says PTC is a "family event!" This includes one of our families who made it their "vacation." Dad did Roundtable Conference, Mom did the Senora's program, and the kids did their programs. They came back together for meals, but they each had their own program with activities approprate to their ages and abilities. (One of their little ones suffers from Downs Syndrome... she too was kept busy and well cared for.)


Subject:      Round Table Training Topics
From: (Richard Stone)
Date:         1997/03/06
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Newsgroups:   rec.scouting.usa

If you wanted to learn about how to make your Boy Scout Round Table meeting better and more interesting, what would you like to know?

I've been asked to help teach the Boy Scout Round Table Commissioner Training Course at Philmont this summer. I'm looking for your ideas.

What do you want to know to make it better? What great ideas have you seen that you think others should benefit from?

Please send your thoughts to me here, or at my email address:

Thanks in advance for your ideas,

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