Bear incidents at Philmont

Date: Sun, 07 Nov 1999 14:15:02 -0700
From: Mark Griffin
Subject: [Philmont] Re: How safe is Philmont

> Thank you very, very much! How about bear attacks...any stats?

Only one since 1986.

The 1998 "attack" was when a bear swiped at a Scout who was coming out of his tent and spooked the bear as he was being chased out of the camp by the rest of the crew.

[But see a different description of the incident by a scoutmaster who was present.]

In 1986 there were a couple of incidents. The most severe occurred when a camper who did not want to take a shower kept covering himself with deodorant. The bear was trying to see what smelled so good in the sleeping bag. Because of the contact the bear had to be destroyed.

There has never been a bear-related human fatality at Philmont, but human errors (trash, dirty campsites, smellables not put away, etc.) have caused a lot of bear fatalities.

Just as in the case of the medical situations, the precautions that Philmont takes to prevent bear incidents makes attacks unlikely. Just as long as crews don't do something stupid.

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